Smart tips on moving to Dubai to work


Professionals from all over the world dream of relocating to Dubai for work because this might give a considerable boost to their career. In this article, you will find smart recommendations on how to make the most of this move.

If you move to Dubai to work, this will open new career opportunities for you and will enable you to boost your income. Local professionals do not need to pay a personal tax, so they typically earn more than in the Western countries. This city is an important economical, financial, educational and cultural hub of the Middle East and it can boast of excellent infrastructure. Here, you will be able to considerably expand your network of useful contacts and find perfect employers, employees, contractors and clients. In this article, you will find smart tips on how to move to Dubai for work and make the most of it.

Meet the Legal Requirements

Foreign citizens have a right to stay here for 90 days with a long-term multiple-visit visa. Citizens of the US, Canada, the UK and most of Europe can get this visa upon arrival at the airport. They will not be able to reapply for a new visa as soon as the previous one expires — but they have a right to apply for a residency visa when they are already in the city. If you are planning to work for hire, your employer will handle all the documents for you. In most cases, remote paperwork can be done in advance — so when you arrive, you can start fulfilling your professional responsibilities immediately. In case you want to take your family with you, you will need to prove that your salary is at least Dhs 10,000 per month. Alternatively, you might apply for a 3-year investor residence visa by investing Dhs 70,000 in the local economy and paying a Dhs 300 fee.

Open a Bank Account and Cover Your Healthcare

You will be able to choose from around 50 commercial banks. Some of them are branches of foreign banking institutions. To open a checking account, you would need to have a UAE residency. But foreigners are allowed to open savings accounts in some banks. You will need to bring the following documents with you.

  • Copies of your passport
  • Work or residency permits
  • A letter confirming your salary in case you work for hire

Ask the bank representatives about the process of transferring funds from your local account to a bank in your homeland.

Local employers need to provide health insurance coverage for their staff. You should obtain a health card from the Department of Health and Medical Services that enables you to receive treatment in a public hospital. There, some medical services are free and the costs of others are rather affordable.

Get to Know the Local Socialization Traditions

You will not need to learn Arabic since everyone in the local business environment speaks English. Many businesses work four days per week and start their weekend on Friday, which is typical for Muslim countries. From Friday to Sunday, people would be moving around the city and visiting branches in multiple restaurants. The urban brunch culture resembles a marathon: the more venues you visit, the more new people you meet and the more new doors you open for yourself.

On Tuesdays, many venues organize ladies nights. Female visitors can expect to get a discount, a free drink or other perks. But that will not be an excuse to be late for work on Wednesday! The pace of life in the city is remarkably fast, the locals are always busy and dynamic. To keep up with them, you should learn how to find time for everything and be efficient at multitasking.

Find an Accommodation, Work or Office

Rental prices are higher than in the Western countries. Most apartments and houses for rent are furnished. Landlords usually ask their tenants to pay at least six months or maybe even one year upfront. When local employers recruit professionals from abroad, they either offer them accommodation or pay them extra so that they could find one. So it would be reasonable to start looking for a job when you are still at home. You can rely on the assistance of employment agencies or try to find a good offer yourself. Both variants can deliver amazing results if you have skills and experience.

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