5 SEO Optimization Tips That Will Improve Search Engine Rankings

SEO Optimization Tips

With Search Engines like Google changing their Search Engine Algorithms every now and then, SEO has become even more competitive than ever before. Ranking on the first page of the Google results page after all has tremendous benefits. Not only does it generate more traffic to your site but also increases the number of paying customers to an E-commerce site.

But just how do you get your website to rank high in search engines? Here are five SEO tips that will answer that question.

Publish High Quality and Relevant Content

The main purpose of SEO optimization is to increase the web traffic to your site naturally over time and eventually improving your site’s relevance and its ranking on search engines. However, this cannot happen if you publish poorly-written content that is irrelevant to what your site is about.

To create top-notch content, first, identify your target audience and write content that speaks to them rather than to just the search engine. Second, identify the main keywords related to your content (keywords are words users search on the search engines and are offered results).

Once you identify the keywords related to your site’s content, incorporate them in your content especially in the page’s URL, the page title, the headings, the subheadings, and throughout the page. Be careful not to overuse the keywords though. Also, ensure you publish your content regularly to remain relevant to your audience and the search engines.

Add External and Internal Links

Although some people do not like adding links in their content because they take the focus of the user away from their content, link building is actually a good SEO practice that can improve your ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

With link building, you can either decide to create internal links redirecting the user to another page in your site, or you can create external links that redirect users to other sites that offer similar material to yours.

For maximum results, it is advisable to add both internal and external links. While internal links will add even more traffic to your site, external links will improve your site’s relevance, trust, and eventually, the traffic.

However, you have to remember that quality always comes before quantity so does not overload your site pages with irrelevant links. Few relevant links are worth more than numerous poor-quality links.

Also, when it comes to links, you have to regularly review your site to ensure you have no broken links. Apart from frustrating users making you lose traffic, broken links can also ruin the reputation of your site.

Improve Your Site’s Speed

It doesn’t matter how high you rank in the SERP. If the pages in your site load slowly, the site will lose its traffic and prospective customers. A study by Kissmetrics indicates that if a web page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40 percent of the users will get frustrated and abandon it.

To avoid this loss, make sure you remove features in your site that may potentially slow it down. These features, among others, include heavy interactive images, shortcuts for site-building, and a hosting environment that is not stable enough to handle heavy traffic.

Use SEO Tools

SEO can be hard to implement, especially the technical parts that deal with how to maneuver around the search engine algorithms. To make your work easier, there are SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Yoast SEO that can help you out.

Google Analytics (GA), is a free analytics software that lets you track the amount of traffic generated on your website, how the visitors are using your site and it can even keep a record of the sales made on your e-commerce website.

Google Search Console (GSC) is a little different. It does not analyze the humans interacting with your site but rather how the search engine themselves interact with it. GSC makes sure that the search engines understand your content. It also tracks the queries that can lead to more traffic, analyses the Click-Through Rate and reports any unusual activities in your site.

Yoast SEO, also SEO Yoast, is an SEO plug-in that once installed in your site, will contain tools that will help you create highly SEO-optimized content that is also easily readable to users.

Apart from the SEO tools, you can also decide to hire an SEO Agency or an SEO web expert that can help you navigate the technicalities involved in SEO Optimization.

Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, more people use smartphones than laptops and desktop computers. This means that many searches take place in smartphones. For this reason, you must ensure that your website is created to be as mobile-friendly as possible to generate more traffic and increase your SERP ranking.

Final Thoughts

For any website, whether it is one day old or 20 years old, SEO can perhaps be the most important tool to use if you want to improve its SERP ranking and maybe appear on the coveted SERP page one. SEO Optimization should therefore not be taken lightly. Remember, you might have launched your website, but of what use will it be if no one can find it?

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