Secrets Of Lead Nurturing To Convert Faster

Secrets Of Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing or customer cultivation basically consists of:

  • Identify which leads are prepared to make a purchase.
  • Give them relevant information or educate users who are not yet ready to buy by establishing a personalized relationship with the lead in question through high-quality content, which is conducive to the stage of the purchase cycle in which it is.
  • Try to recover those Buyer Personas that were considered lost by offering content that helps them meet their needs or solve their problems.

However, if you have some time with your eCommerce, you know that converting customers is not an easy process, and Lead Nurturing aims at the continuous accompaniment that a lead is given to keep it warm until the end of the cycle.

In a world where content is the most important thing and immediacy must prevail, attracting the attention of leads when you have so many competitors in the limelight becomes more cumbersome; A Digital Marketing agency can help you out.

In addition, building trust is a crucial factor and there are still many users who are reluctant to make purchases over the Internet because they do not have direct contact with those responsible for the online store or what is offered.

Likewise, dealing with new customers is a disadvantage due to the large volume that may exist without really knowing their intentions (their intention may not be to buy, precisely).

Their expectations and how many of them will actually go through the sales funnel are unknown; therefore, many techniques have been left behind and many secrets have emerged so that this process is not so complicated and results in new leads with which you can strengthen the relationship until you reach the conversion.

Below, we’ll show you some of these secrets so you can convert faster and more efficiently.

Be an influencer

An influencer is defined as a person capable of persuading the masses to make them change their minds about something. So if you, as a company, believe in the content you offer, be it eBooks, newsletters, blog posts, etc., your potential customers will also start to believe in them and let themselves be cultivated.

Influencers, now so famous in social networks, not only sell products because they have the best on the market but because they have managed to obtain an online reputation that allows them to have some authority to influence the purchasing decisions of the people who follow them.

These people are dedicated to narrating their life experiences and perspectives regarding a topic, and therein lies the secret to converting faster: tell stories to generate emotions.

If you own an eCommerce, you should have at least two main goals: to be known to the masses and to have a product or service that is credible to your leads.

After producing useful content for your clients, it is important that you establish a relationship with them by responding to their emails and comments. Do it from day one and you will see how loyalty to your brand increases.

Highlight your benefits, not your features

They may seem the same to you, but when it comes to cultivating your customers it is not like that: while the benefits represent what your customers can do with what you offer, the characteristics are what your products can do for them.

Do you notice the difference?

However, the benefits that brands present to their customers do not always lead to sales from the consumers’ point of view, as they are not transparent enough.

Starting by listing the benefits of your products to your customers will give them a reassuring effect knowing that you care about them and their opinions, so it is about implying that your product will meet their needs with a unique value proposition and unrepeatable.

Remember that when your customers are on your website they go through various stages of the buying cycle: first they recognize that they have a need, then they look for various solutions, evaluate them, make a decision and, finally, make the purchase.

For all this, it is most recommended that you place the characteristics of your products in the first phases of the cycle and use the benefits for the latter so that you generate a sense of urgency among your consumers by nourishing them with content.

This is the best way to generate desire based on the benefits of your products. Remember that your leads make decisions from the emotions, and you cannot miss that characteristic.

Sales and Marketing must work together

Leads are not always ready to buy, so using the knowledge of your sales team will provide insight into what your prospects are looking for.

It’s time for sales and marketing to start working together!

Too many companies have already been wasted energy in the power struggle between sales and marketing when they should focus on working together.

Your sales team spends more face-to-face time with contractors, distributors, etc. They have valuable information on what these customer segments need and want to hear.

Since the potential customers gathered by your sales team and through your website are not always ready to buy, they must be nurtured over time until they are ready to make a purchase.

Using the knowledge of your sales team will give you a valuable understanding of what prospects are looking for. Then you can focus your website and content to meet these needs so that you can nurture these leads over time.

Due to sophisticated digital technology such as marketing automation, lead nutrition can be customized and tailored to a potential customer’s place on their shopping journey, and you can automatically respond to a potential customer’s behaviors and interactions right from your website in real-time!

The correct lead generation strategy, combined with an appropriate marketing automation tool and valuable customer insights will allow you to automate your communication with leads at the top or middle of your funnel.

And the proper nutrition of your leads constantly engages them in multiple channels throughout the sales cycle, bridging the time gap between the lead customer’s first interaction with your website or sales team and when they’re ready to go. to make a purchase. In conclusion, it is about influencing your customers’ decisions at the right time and without losing contact at any time.

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