Top 4 Tools to Help You Transcribe Audio

Transcribe Audio

There are hundreds of tools to transcribe audio on the internet, but not everything you see is up to the mark. The major problem with such sites is that they sometimes sell your data and earn from them. On the other hand, some sites don’t deliver you the result but get the payment they wanted.

Additionally, the possibility of you getting scammed is more than ever as many new companies pop up now and then. So, to avoid being in such scams, here are four trust-worthy websites and service providers that have made a name for themselves over the years.

Top 4 Tools to Transcribe Audio

1. OTranscribe

OTranscribe is one of the best audio-transcribe websites that you can choose, especially if you are on a budget. Basically, this application is free of cost and is one of the most user-friendly interfaces out there. On the first look, the layout of their site is very simple, and you get a file upload button with a blank sheet to write what you hear.

On the features front, you can speed up or slow down the audio according to the speed you need. And the best part is your work won’t get lost even if you lose power midway through your work. You can log in again and find your work undisturbed.

2. Express Scribe

If you want to know how to transcribe an interview audio or presentation, then Express Scribe is another most suitable audio-transcribe app you can use. It is ideal for those who run a small business or individuals with a heavy workflow. They charge your around 40$, which is not much if you see what you get in return for it. One of the best features is that it enables foot control. You can add a foot pedal to stop or play your audio without using your hands. It is also compatible with Microsoft and supports video files too. Overall, this is one service that you won’t mind paying for.

3. Scribie

Any Scribie review you see online will tell you how reasonable and flexible their services are. They charge you by the minute and offer you lots of options. From noise reduction in your audio to fast track project completed, they offer you some add-ons to choose from. Scribie also gives you the option to use timestamps so you can move through the audio file in the order you like.

The best part about Scribie is that they provide you two significant options. One is the automated option, where an AI transcribes the audio or video you upload. The next is manual transcription, where you upload a file, and a member from their team transcribes it manually. The manual transcription takes around 36 hours to deliver for a 4-hour long audio or video file.

The delivery time is much more soon if it is an automated one. You have to pay a bit more if the quality of the video is not very clear and if there is too much background noise going on in the uploaded file. Since this feature is provided by the Scribie only, it allows them to stand out from the crowd. All these factors make it one of the best transcription services available in the market right now.

4. GoTranscript

If you’re seeking ways to transcript audio or video or want to add captions to your video, then this is one place you must check out. Any GoTranscript review you see on the internet will tell you how good they are in what they do. They do manual transcription, which means the possibilities of machine errors are next to zero.

They charge you by minutes, and the longer the file is, the less you have to pay. By no means, they are the cheapest in the market, but at the same time, they are not the costly ones either. Go to normal return time for about five days, but you can push it to 3 days or sooner by paying extra. You might have to pay more additional charges, depending on the quality of the video and the type of service you choose.

They also help freelancers all over the world. So, if you are looking for a job to work from home, then this is something to consider. Since they are one of the most trusted websites, you will get worth for every penny you spend.

The Bottom Line

Sharing your data with someone or an organization is a process that needs too much care. If you are not so sure about giving it to a third-party service provider, you can always do it yourself. But it may take a lot of your time.

At the same time, there are still brands like the above-mentioned ones that stay loyal to their customers and work for reasonable prices. At the end of the day, the choice is all yours. Keep in mind that these websites may take some more time than usual to do your work, but they will surely provide you with the most accurate transcription you can ever get.

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