Points to keep in mind when writing a resume

writing a resume

It is undoubtedly true that the biggest challenge in the recent competitive world is finding a job. Due to the rising population, the rate of unemployment is increasing at an alarming pace. In the present world, the young generation is more inclined towards government jobs because they are well aware of the fact that Government Jobs, whether Central or State Government, are far more satisfying than jobs in the private sector.

It is highly recommended to use online and offline resources like Employment Newspaper. Regularly visit trusted sites to get updates of various job exams, vacancies, exam tips, question papers etc. If you are looking for Sarkari Naukri or a private job with handsome salary packages then before submitting a job application or before appearing for a walk-in job interview it is of utmost important to draft your effective and impressive resume. Believe me, your well-presented resume is the prime selling tool of your professional portfolio. Here in this writing, I am going to tell you the points to keep in mind while writing a resume.

Start with yourself

This is your resume so you need to add your info only. Don’t add irrelevant stuff. Start about you covering your skills, experience, highest educational qualification marks, add on courses details and your achievements. Write your complete contact details too. It is advisable to highlight the skills that the employer is looking for.

Figure out your objective

This is the most important thing you should do after carefully analysing the job description. You can draft a uniform objective for similar job openings. Don’t give broad or too lengthy objective. Be specific! Neatly and well presented objective statement can do wonders as it will insist employer to have a hawk-eye view on your resume.

Don’t forget to add contact details

While looking for a job and during your resume drafting stage don’t forget to add complete contact details. In addition to the mobile number you need to include your email id, social media account details as a prospective employer can view and contact you through social handles.

Listing experience is very important

If you are applying for an experienced job then the most important point to cover in your resume is the relevant experience you have. Include recent work experience and don’t include the work you completed 10 years ago as the work you had done ten years doesn’t mean you are capable of accomplishing the same task today.

Use readable font

This is another very important point to keep in mind when writing a resume. Avoid using the fancy or special font as sometimes it becomes a difficult job for a hiring manager to screen such a CV. Select a standard font that is easy to read and always save you save your file in a simple word or PDF format only.

Once resume drafting is complete it is important to proofread it. You might be wondering, who will verify your resume? Wait! let me tell you. You can take help from your sibling, mentor, parents or even you can hire a professional resume editor to check that no word is misspelt and every information is complete. Keep it to one page only and to grab the recruiter’s attention customise it according to the job description.

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  1. That’s a very helpful information but I believe objective in resume is no longer required especially for a experience person, yes if you are a fresher then you can keep it.

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