Paytm Money Earning Apps in 2020 for Android Mobiles

Paytm Money Earning Apps

Paytm has brought the money transfer system to the peak by its special features into an integrated wallet. The special features of it inherit works through online banking, or by the means of debit cards and credit cards. Transferring money through Paytm is considered as the safest mode of monetary exchange. However, this digital payment platform was not enough to serve its key benefits, later this has come with another indispensable benefit of rendering the users an opportunity to earn money.

This convenient online wallet can help you in instant exchange of money by a click at your smartphone and it can also help you in earning money by several methods. This article will help you discover the list of apps that will serve you the chance of earning Paytm money.

Paytm Money Earning – How It works

Paytm helps to earn money just like other payment platforms earn. The only difference it bears is the additional benefit of sustaining interests on the money that a user stores in his wallet. The key function of Paytm involves generating money through the accrued interest over time.

The other mode of income for Paytm is through mobile revenue model which renders a profit share to it. It also generates revenue through advertisement. It is the advertising revenue model of Paytm, that authorises advertisers to post their ads on Paytm websites and in turn Paytm debit them lump sum or annual subscription. This is how Paytm earns its redemption and shares by along with rendering benefits to its users.

Benefits of Paytm: How it helps to save money?

Paytm is an online payment mode that is extensively used to save money and pay the bills for online and offline activities. Making payments through Paytm is an easy affair. You can promptly make payment using Paytm app by tapping on a few words. There is numerous reason for making Paytm the most preferable mode of payment. It is best for dealing with retail and e-commerce online transactions. Besides, it offers its users with ample of cash earning opportunities on using it.  Let’s dive into some of the relevant ways of earning cash by using Paytm.

Since you are using Paytm, you must be aware of the cashback offers it provides to its frequent users or on special events. Apart from cashback, it also offers the chance of winning Free Paytm Cash.  Moreover, several other websites also offer free Paytm Cash simply by contributing some hours in a day.

Enlisted below are a few proven ways in the form of sites, plans, games or even apps providing you with the opportunity to earn free Paytm cash in 2020 using your smartphones:

  • The Panel Station: It is an online platform that allows you to perform surveys and share your opinion. You will be paid for filling up the survey forms. It also gives you a chance to earn extra points by directing others to get access to the page and make them a part of the community. Apart from this, you can also avail a coupon or voucher for Amazon and Flipkart. The Panel Station can also be accessed by the phone using the app. You can easily register to the site by using Google or Facebook ID.
  • Task Bucks: It is an application supported on smartphones. It helps you to win free mobile recharge, Paytm cash and coins. All you need to do is to simply install the Task Bucks app on your phone and register yourself as a member. The payment will be made in terms of coins earned by you on playing games or getting into competition. The collected coins will be converted to Paytm Cash or Free Recharge.
  • CashNGifts: It is the ultimate online web-based solution offering you the chance for earning extra money. In order to earn money from this, you need to download this app and become a member. Once you are done with the process, you are eligible to earn money via playing a game or even by referring a friend. You can use a website or apps to earn your rewards.
  • Dream 11: It is a true pleasure for the game lovers in the form of fiction cricket, football, and kabaddi online game. This game is proved to be the most reliable way of earning money. Earning money by playing Dream 11 is way too easy. You only need to create your account select your fiction team, compete and earn points. These points can be turned into cash which is transferable to Paytm Payment bank account.
  • Frizza: It is a free money app that allows users to earn money easily. To earn money using this app, you will have to complete multiple tasks. These tasks are very simple and include activities like watching a video, installing new apps, playing games or referring to friends. You will be paid in accordance with the type of task you complete.

Best Apps to Earn Free Paytm Cash

Some apps are thoroughly verified and give real Paytm cash. Most of which are Paytm Cash earning games, that yields cash for playing games and the rest for downloading certain apps. Following are the list of best apps through which you can earn Paytm cash:

  • Bulb Smash:

It is a gaming app from the usage of which you can get money directly into the Paytm wallet. The more you play this game, the more you will earn points. Those points will get converted to cash and get transferred to your Paytm wallet.

  • Winzo Gold:

It is one of the most popular apps consisting of a list of games to play like a puzzle, carrom, Bubble Shooter, and more. You will get a reward of 50 rupees free to play such games.

  • Hago App:

Yet another app providing you with the opportunity for earning Paytm Cash daily by Playing games online. Once you download this app, you will come across many tasks to perform each for which you will be paid. The user of this app gets instant cash payment to the respective account.

  • MPL:

It is a new app that allows you to earn free Paytm cash by simply playing games and referring your friends. MPL is an e-sports portal participating in which can lead you to earn points converted into cash. You need to increase your scores by competing with various players.

  • Loco:

Here comes a live trivia game show offering some Paytm cash prizes. You need to play Quiz Every day during a specific time period i.e (from 1.30 PM to 10 PM). The daily prize amount ranges from 50k to 100k.

  • 4 Fun app:

4Fun is a free Short Video app, like Vigo video, TikTok, etc.  You can find thousands of Indian funny videos here. You can earn by sharing short video clips.

  • Sooper app:

It is a great app generating free Paytm cash. It abounds in shareable trending jokes, memes, WhatsApp statuses, which offers some cash in return of each of your shares.

  • Gamezop app:

It is an excellent gaming app that allows you to earn real cash by investing your free time playing games on the Gamezop. The best thing in this app is that you can obtain your money directly into your Paytm account or mobile recharge. No minimum winnings are expected to redeem money on the Gamezop app.

The Bottom Line

However, there is a list of other earning apps available. The above-mentioned apps will surely gain a favourable response from your side. So do not wait for any further and enjoy the thrust of these apps and earn money sitting at home.

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