Parse json data with jquery

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jQuery parseJSON() takes a well formed JSON string and then returns the resulting JavaScript value.

Prior to jQuery 1.9 version, $.parseJSON returned null value rather than throwing an error if this was passed an empty string, null, or undefined, even though those are not valid JSON.

Here are some basic things about JSON:

  • JSON is limited to text and numeric values.
  • JSON doesn’t support binary data.
  • JSON object is a set of key/name pairs which starts with “{” and ends with “}”.

Example of jQuery.parseJSON()

var obj = jQuery.parseJSON( ‘{ “name”: “John Doe” }’ ); console.log(;

But, JQuery.parseJSON not working with string?

Note that JSON syntax is stricter than JavaScript object syntax. JSON insists that the property names be quoted with double quote characters and of course values can only be numbers, strings, booleans, or null.

So, the below code is a wrong format:

var str = “{ ‘name’: ‘John Doe’ }”;

var obj = jQuery.parseJSON( str );

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