Online Ads Copywriting: 7 Strategies that Convert

Online Ads Copywriting

Digital advertising is an essence of global marketing nowadays. The spending in this field will reach nearly $230 billion this year and grow by more than 40% until 2020. At the same time, official estimations suggest that almost 14% of digital advertising revenue come from retail industry. In such circumstances, retailers need to adapt to new marketing trends and improve their online promotion strategies.

Needless to say, online ads copywriting is a crucial component of successful advertising. It takes a great combination of creativity and research to think of a captivating copy and to increase the click-through rate. It’s difficult but not impossible, though. In this article, we will go through 7 copywriting strategies that actually drive conversions.

Best ways to make an outstanding copy

There are dozens of very practical copywriting tips out there. But there are only a few which can almost guarantee conversions. Let’s see which ones these are.

Make an authoritative headline

Remarkable headlines attract readers and that’s one rule that you have to respect no matter what you sell. Print media simply use a larger font to emphasize the importance of an article or advertisement. On the other hand, online copywriting doesn’t give you this sort of privilege, so you need to be very clever to create a powerful headline.

An average user reads around 20% of any online content. This means that headlines are by far the most important element of copywriting. Therefore, headlines should use keywords to grab users’ attention and display exactly what they wanted to see. You probably know the keywords already but tools such as the Google Keyword Planner can bring you fresh ideas, too.

Additionally, always try to make an authoritative headline or the one that promises benefits to the readers. Be concrete and offer perks whenever possible. Here are two great examples:

Order a new laptop now … and pay in a month!
Driver guide: Save one gallon of gas each 100 miles

Carefully target potential buyers

People really hate to see irrelevant digital content, especially online ads. The issue is so serious that more than 300 million people use mobile ad blockers. This suggests that you simply must detect target groups carefully.

There is a set of questions that you should ask yourself before copywriting: What kind of product is this? Who is my average buyer? What benefits does the product bring? This will help you determine the writing style, the tone of your message, and which product features you should emphasize. For instance, keep in mind not to put the premium price in front if you target low-budget purchasers. Make something like this instead:

Buy running shoes: High quality, factory price

The 4 U’s rule

This is one of the basic copywriting rules and is hence used by almost all marketing professionals. The 4 U’s rule reveals that your product is urgent, unique, ultra-specific and useful. Just like Patrick Linderman, marketing specialist at, once stated: “You can make the best product, using state-of-the-art technology, but if you don’t communicate how special, practical, and urgent it is – you will barely get any purchasers.”

How you do it is up to your imagination and creativity but some general methods can apply to many cases. For example, emphasize that you have a one-time offer by adding “Order Now” to the copy. You can underline product’s uniqueness using “exclusive” or “hand-made”. However, possibilities are countless so try to pick the 4 U’s trick that will make you stand out of the competition.

Offer added value

You are probably facing numerous competitors and you are all fighting for the same piece of market share. Companies usually offer similar products and purchasers need more information or perks to differentiate between them all. In such demanding environment, you should offer added value through online ads.

This basically means that you can promise a better service or small giveaways to attract more buyers. Here are some things that can thrill potential consumers:

  • Trial period
  • At your door delivery
  • Giveaway gadgets
  • Long-term warranty

Listen to consumers’ needs

People don’t read ads just because they pop up. They actually search for them on purpose and want to see the best deals within a minute or two. Therefore, you should listen carefully to what your target audience is saying online. Read forums, blogs, and comments. Walk in their shoes for a while and you will be able to create a copy which clearly says what they want to hear. A great example of this strategy comes from the wedding planning business:

Events and Wedding Planner – Our customers just have to say I DO

The last thing a couple wants is to worry about every single detail of their wedding. In this example, wedding planners convince them that all they need to think about is how to enjoy the moment.

Be proactive and detect clients’ needs

Potential buyers will have a moment or so to make a decision which ad to click. Since many companies offer pretty much the same deals, you need a smart copywriting approach to distinguish yourself. Be proactive and learn what the biggest issue for an average buyer is. Is it the price or timing? Maybe it’s the free shipping or refund period? In each case, try to emphasize that exact issue in your copy. For instance, you can write AFFORDABLE POOLSIDE SOLUTIONS. This ad instantly suggests that buyers can expect modest prices. On the other side, writing PREMIUM will probably attract more demanding clients.

Why me?

Copywriting serves to grab users’ attention and to keep them informed about the product. Always let potential buyers know why your product is so special, why they need it, and why they should trust you. A great way to do this is to offer users free expert help while choosing the right item – it will be the best WHY statement in your copy.


Online advertising is growing steadily each year and it owes a lot of success to the power of copywriting. We used this article to present you the 7 most fruitful copywriting strategies that promise high conversion rates. Make sure to analyze it thoroughly and use it to boost your digital marketing.

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