6 Mistakes to Avoid When Flying a Drone for the First Time

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Have you ever flown a drone before? If not, and this is your first time trying, then good luck Following, we are going to help you out by pointing out some common mistake people make and how you can avoid them.

Invest in an Expensive Drone for the First Time

If you are flying a drone for the first time, then you better not invest in a super expensive drone. You are new and inexperienced, so you better start small. You need to et the hand of flying a drone first.so it’s better if you use a drone that you won’t feel too bad if you lose it.You are bound to have a few hard landings during your first few tries.

Its ok if you break something because you are just learning how to use the damn thing at this stage. Just make sure you buy a drone with GPS.

Fly Near Obstructions

You don’t want to fly your drone in strong wins. Many videos show that even the latest and greatest drone can get carried away by strong winds and crash down. So, it’s in your best interest to wait for a calm day and enjoy flying without any issue.

When you are flying for the first time, you need open space. Backyards are not always the ideal place to start. So, you are better off in a park or field. You have to find space away from people. You need to observe your surrounding and assure you know where the buildings are.  You need to stay away from signs, telephone poles, power lines, trees, buildings and almost anything that will wreck your drone. Also, avoid flying through the water. It will damage your drone.

Ignorance is Bliss

If you want to fly a drone, does it make sure you are respective the local law when doing so. These laws are introduced to keep everyone safe. There are various guidelines that you should follow when flying a drone. You have to familiarise with these guidelines before your drone leaves the ground. It is not ideal to fly a drone 5 miles apart from the airport.

You have to be aware of your local ordinances. You might not be allowed to fly a drone in state pars. Moreover, your local area might have some other restrictions. So, you better learn about them before you head out to fly. Law enforcement will be quick to remind you that ignorance isn’t an excuse to violate the low

Seeing How High Can It Go

If you want to see how high your drone can go, then you better be prepared to lose it. You might find this in the description,but we rarely follow them at all. The toughest thing you will learn is to fly your drone when orientation changes. It means when you steer your drone by pressing the controls, the drone will get turned around. So, the farther your drone is, the more it will lose orientation.

With practice, you will learn how to fly the drone even when orientation changes. So, you have to keep your drone close while you learn how to fly. If you want to be on the safe side, you better fly the drone closer to you. This way, you won’t risk obliterating your device if it loses control for a mere second.

Getting Caught Unprepared

You have to be prepared at every instant. It’s easy to get excited about flying a drone and leaving behind important equipment. For the best, it’s better if you have some spare batteries, replacement propeller’s, and extra memory cards with you.

Also, bring some basic tools. You might as well spend some extra time prepping your drone. This is a lot better than cutting your flight short just because of a minor issue.

Tricks and Stunts

You are just a beginner, so you better act like one. Just because you have an investment in a rather expensive drone, it doesn’t mean you have mastered how to fly one. So, you need to take some time and let your skills develop. You can also build you own drone rather than investing in an expensive one. Components like drone transmitter, motors, controller, drone camera, video antenna, propellers, battery are easily accessible online. So, be safe, and learn to build and fly your drone before attempting something like this. It can cost you dearly.

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