Microsoft Teams Voice: Get Your Business Communication Tools Revved

Microsoft Teams Voice

Cloud-based phone systems continue to revolutionise business communications with tools that allow a business to access a myriad of features. Microsoft has been one of the forerunners in digital technology, creating innovations that empower small and medium enterprises.

A new replacement to the traditional telephony from providers and in-house phone systems is the Microsoft Teams Voice. Though Microsoft Teams has been around for many years now, it lacks the agility to streamline organisational needs. Microsoft 365 Business Voice or Teams Voice is breaking into the scene as more and more businesses adopt cloud computing.

Scalability Based on Your Business’s Demands

Small and midsize organisations often find it hard to look for a phone system that matches their business needs. Traditional phone systems are not just expensive; they also lack the features required in today’s business setting.

Cloud telephone systems offer businesses a degree of flexibility often not found in traditional phone service. It offers scalability, which means the ability to upgrade or downsize services based on seasonal needs. Your business does not have to worry about costs because you only pay for the services you need.

Customisability is practically one reason why cloud telephony is taking a huge chunk of the communications market. Additionally, upgrades are available remotely and without the need for a visit from engineers.

A Powerful Business Communications Tool

More and more businesses are opting for Microsoft Teams Voice to integrate with their existing business platforms. According to recent studies, Microsoft’s Australian market steadily rose during the pandemic and supported people who would have otherwise experienced layoff from work.

It can also signify readiness to compete on a global scale for businesses adopting the new communications trend. Technology tremendously impacts business performance, offering reliability and increased productivity.

Some of the compelling features of Teams Voice include:

  • Cloud-enabled auto attendant
  • Cloud call queues
  • Consultative call transfers
  • Voicemail transfers
  • Call park and retrieve
  • Device switching

MS Teams Voice is enriched with other features that simplify interactions within an organisation. Plans and features are also customisable based on your business demands.

Collaborate With Your Team in an Integrated Network

MS Teams Voice lets you work with your team easily within a single platform. It simplifies tasks without shuffling from one platform to another. Additionally, you can work simultaneously on a project through Microsoft’s several software, including OneNote, Microsoft Office, and various other third-party services. 

The seamless software integration lets your business work without the need for engineers and technicians. Further, Teams Voice provides the right features that let you work based on organisational needs.

You can tailor processes and fine-tune features to keep the whole system working according to your business needs. MS Teams Voice provides a comprehensive chat and online meeting platform with features like note-taking, scheduling assistance, and file sharing. It easily integrates with the Microsoft Office platform, so your business will not require an IT solutions provider’s services. When your business plans to migrate to a more robust communications platform, look for a service provider that provides just what you need. Your business can rev up communications with the comprehensive features and versatility of Microsoft Teams Voice. The cloud-based telephony easily integrates with your existing platform and lets you work simultaneously with your team. 

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