10 Crucial Tips for Making Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd

Making Your Resume

The job-hunting market is the most competitive it’s ever been. Nowadays, a single job can receive hundreds of applications, and HR managers and Recruitment agency in jakarta have the laborious task of trying to pick the right person for the job.

However many people apply for your next position, one thing is for certain, your resume needs to be the best that it can be. To help yours stand out, here are ten tips to remember when writing your resume.

New Job, New Resume

Every job you apply for should have a new resume. That doesn’t mean you should write it from scratch but edit it, so it’s tailored to the job that you’re applying for. Be prepared to do this for every single vacancy you send an application in for.

Be Professional

If you choose an outlandish font, a difficult to read font size and don’t use paragraphs and sub-headings, your resume’s readers will simply dismiss it because they won’t have time to decrypt it. Use clear fonts and a professional format to make your resume easy on the eye.

Lois Marsh, a professional editor for Australian Reviewer, continues;

“Don’t use your resume to try and slate your previous employers. If you had a bad experience with your last job, simply include the fact you worked there, and that’s it. Don’t be negative or include any kind of workplace politics.”

Consider the Length

It’s important to consider how many pages your resume is. Of course, it would be inappropriate to send in a 5-page resume as it’s far too much to read. However, one with a maximum of two pages should be plenty. Some studies show that most recruiters will take around 6.25 seconds to make their decision so make the first important points count.

Prioritize Your Resume

Your resume readers are going to start at the beginning of your resume and read through it progressively. This means you’ll need to take the time to structure your resume, so the most important and necessary bits of information are first.

If you’ve got a previous job role that matches the role you’re applying for, including first so your recruiter can see that you’ve got the experience.

Use Sub-Headings

To ensure that your resume is easy to read, be sure to use sub-headings that can help to break up your paragraphs. This helps keep all the information in small and easily digestible chunks that your recruiter is going to appreciate.

Scott McDonald, a resume writer for Best British Essays, states;

“By breaking up your resume into sections, you’ll be helping your recruiter to skim through your resume while looking out for keywords easily. This enhances the readability of your resume and saves the recruiter so much time.”

An Error-Free Resume

If you were a recruiter and you were reading through a resume that was full errors, such as spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes and grammar issues, you’d probably trash the resume and think nothing more of it.

Don’t let that resume be yours. Always ensure that your resume is completely free from errors to give yourself the best chance of securing the job.

Use Online Tools

When it comes to the process of perfecting your resume, this can take a lot of time you don’t have. To make things quicker and more accurate, use online tools that are readily available to you.

Resumention: An online resume builder that can ensure your resume is in the correct and professional format.

UK Top Writers: An online writing agency that can help you to answer any writing-related questions.

State of Writing: An online blog full of information and writing resources to improve your writing skills.

Revieweal: An online writing service that can write your resume on your behalf.

Via Writing: An online resource blog with all the information you’ll need on using grammar properly.

Consider Yourself a Business

When you’re applying for a job, imagine yourself as a business, and you’re selling your services as a person for money. This is, in essence, what an employee is. As a business who wants a customer to buy their services, you need to promote and market yourself.

Using this mindset, tailor your resume to sell your best bits and your features. Imagine your resume is like your product description and you want it to result in a sale.

Use Keywords

With the thought in mind that many recruiters could receive hundreds of resumes for one job, the chances are that the recruiter isn’t going to read through your entire resume. They’ll probably be more likely to scan your resume, looking out for keywords.

Make sure you include these keywords in your resume. Look for words that the company uses on their website or in their message statement. You can also include industry-related lingo, phrases and words.

Always Tell the Truth

By far the most important tip to remember is always to tell the truth on your resume. You might be saying that you’re able to carry out a certain skill or have previous experience, even if it doesn’t seem that important at the time, it can come back around so easily if they give you the job.

Employers will always ask to see you demonstrate the skills that you know and spoke about in your resume and in your interview so you can’t do it, you’ll simply be fired.

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