Import or Export the business database of your company in WordPress websites

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In the event that you are a business owner, then you will be aware of the immense importance of having both a business website and a business database. Both are vital for your success, while the business website will be the main focal point of your online business venture and the face of your business, the business database will help you to formulate strategies for marketing by keeping a tab on all the people who visit your website. One of the best web hosting platforms in the world today is WordPress. WordPress has a lot of cool features which make it so popular, and you can also easily import and export your business database on WordPress. In this article, you will learn about how you can do just that.

How is WordPress so useful when it comes to handling databases?

Every single time that you have a new user who either logs in or signs in on your WordPress powered business website, the servers of WordPress will be storing their information in a database, and you will be able to import or export the database from or into WordPress easily. You will be able to locate an inbuilt default option in your WordPress which will help you in this importing and exporting of business databases. You may consider trying to save all of them in your current user database. You can migrate the database also. You shall be able to go through several messy situations with this importing and exporting of WordPress. Of course, there are certain things which you are required to do.

Primarily, you will have two chief methods to do your importing or exporting of user databases in or from WordPress. The main method that is used for this purpose is that of using plug-ins. The alternative second method will accomplish the task without using the plugin.

  1. You can use the plug-ins for importing and exporting the user databases – You will have to check your dashboard in WordPress first of all. You will be able to locate two tabs there which are labeled Import/Export. These would be inside the Tools section. The Exports option in WordPress will be extremely useful here. You can find an option to help you save every relevant data of your business in WordPress. These will include the different posts you have made, the comments that you made and received, the various pages, the custom fields. Different categories, alternate tags and so on. You can easily find the different plug-ins, and you will not have to pay any extra money for these as they are all readily available on the internet for free. Similarly, you can use the Imports tab for importing the business database.
  1. Export all user data from your WordPress website database – Similarly, to the methods that were described before, on WordPress you shall also get plenty of chances for saving different types of information in your new business database. The business websites will have specific databases of course. You can easily export or import the business databases in or out of WordPress without the use of plug-ins also. If you should want to get this done, then you must use a certain tool known as the It is this tool which shall be letting you interact and access different databases that you have in WordPress. In the event that your current web hosting service requires you to use the cPanel, it will be possible then for you to also access the phpMyadmin right from there also.

Using the options for Importing and Exporting your user databases:

It is important for you first to click the Export options which you have and with this simple method you can export the user database in SQL format. But you will also be required to choose other options like the CSV, and this can be quite good for your business website as you will be able to browse your business database locally also then. You shall not see any other setting in this field, and hence you should only by clicking on the final Go option.

Export your user database: The phpMyAdmin file will be saving a copy of the business database which is already present in your machine. You can open a new CSV and try to use spreadsheet software to do this. After this, you should just export the spreadsheet on your database to other websites with the phpMyAdmin tool. Hence, as a result of this, you can export both your user and your user database also.

Import your business database: You must try and get a backup for this business database which you made earlier. You must see what exact format that you have your business database in first. You should simply scroll down, and click the Go button. You must remember that you will delete previous tables by using this particular method. Hence, you must try and import the business database on your website on WordPress too.

You will be able to learn in much greater detail about business databases and their functions in websites on WordPress with more specificity at


These days, the most popular and best platform for hosting websites is WordPress. WordPress is free, open sourced, flexible and has amazing features. You will be easily able to import or export your official business database in and out of the WordPress websites. Simply follow the methods mentioned above, and everything will be taken care of. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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