5 Lies About Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

For some reasons, when it comes to telling others about the reality of situations, there is a tendency that the image painted would differ from the true state of affairs. In other words, things might not be presented just as they are. This leaves people having wrong perceptions about the nature of things. If we observe closely, we would realize that this is the case in many aspects of life, and social media marketing is not any different.

There is too much information out there giving reasons why you should hasten up and grow Instagram followers, utilize Facebook ads or tweet more trendy content on Twitter.Although social media provides an excellent approach to marketing your brand, a lot of misinformation about the whole process has led several budding businesses astray. It seems the torchlight is only flashed on the gloriousbenefits while the challenges are left in the dark.

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Here are some lies about social media marketing that you should look out for.

1. Social Media Marketing is Free

Some business persons have been cajoled into thinking that social media marketing is free. Let us consider some truths that relate to this. To make the most out of social media, you must spend time to create quality content that appeals to your audience. For a lot of business persons, this reality might not be easy on them. Hours spent to craft new content could rob you of the time you must spend on other business matters.

Another truth is that after content has been posted, it takes time and commitment to reply messages and comments on post.This helps to boost engagement on your page. However, like the former, it requires time that might be needed for something else.

The truth is that time on its own is an investment. Apart from the exhaustion that creating new content could bring, the whole process gives a lot of businesses reason to hire a social media manager: and this is quite a cost. Also, without investing in social media ads, there is a limit to which your posts would reach.

2. More Followers, More Success in Business

This is another hoax that several people fall for. A lot of people judge the success of a business by the amount of followers that the business gained. Let us recall that the basic aim of a business is to maximize profits. Except an increase in followers caused a significant increase in lead generation, havingmany followers would have little or nothing to do with how the business is financially faring.

Of course, you can increase Instagram followers or Facebook fans but your whole marketing strategy should be centered on more effective ways to turn followers into loyal customers and reach a prospective audience. Without this, a social media page with huge following would just be façade.

3. Use All Platforms

One common misconception out there is that to establish your brand, you would need to be on all social media platforms. There is YouTube- it is necessary because videos are an excellent way to captivate your audience. There is Pinterest– well designed pins are necessary to keep your customers enthused about your product.Instagram is the fastest growing platform, Facebook has the largest amount of users, Twitter is active with trending information and LinkedIn is essential as it is a network of professionals.

The truth is that it is most efficient to define your audience and choose the best platform that you deem fit. There is no universal rule. Besides, being on all platforms is a costly action that would not be pocket friendly for budding businesses.

Everyone wants to appear as an expert who knows the exact rules of the game and has every single thing put together. While there are several social media experts, the most genuine among them testify that after everything is said and done, it is necessary to find what works best for you. 

4. You can Achieve Success with Speed 

If you have heard that there are secrets to yield quick results through social media marketing, you might as well disregard that. Of course, for one or two reasons, some brands might have quickly gotten popular on social media platforms but it would be highly unlikely that the same process would yield similar results with other brands or across other industries.

A lot of times, brands that are perceived to have quick success are those that have put in work for a long time before they came to limelight. One step at a time, there is really no speedy way to get all the results you want on social media.

5. Post Much More

The truth is that social media is like feeding the beast, it is never enough. Afterincreasing how many posts you put up a day, you would have to keep it up and subsequently have to measure up with your biggest competitors by dishing out even more content.

Let’s critically look at this; there are tons of users out there trying to do the same thing and so each day, social media platforms receive billions of new content- images, videos, stories. To stand out of the crowd, you would need much more than high volume of content.

It takes some more effort for your content to reach a larger audience. Social media marketing is a whole package, each part working to make the overall picture successful. With a budget for social media ads, few content should be able to do the trick. 


Social media marketing has proven to be effective for many. With patience and the right piece of information, a lot of businesses would be able to see result in due time. However, there are several misapprehensions that has led several businesses in the dark. Some also get frustrated when they do not get the results that they believe other people are getting.

The above lies about social media marketing might be encouraging for some- it works differently for everyone, find out what works best for you.

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