Learn some tips and tricks before playing fantasy cricket

playing fantasy cricket

These days we all are aware of the trending fantasy games everywhere. People just love to play these games in the comfort of their place. And the cherry on the top is that you can earn amazing rewards and cash prizes if you win the game. The rules and regulations are the same just like the real game has. One of the most loved sports by every generation is cricket. This is one of the most played games on the fantasy apps. We all have grown up playing this sport but as we grow, we hardly get time to enjoy this sport. So here with the help of fantasy apps, we can play cricket.

If you are wondering if you won’t get the real experience, you should know that even if you are playing this game virtually, you will feel like you are playing this in real. The opponents, team and the field, everything looks real. You will get to make your team of actual players and the actual opponents. After winning you will get amazing cash rewards which you can withdraw instantly. So if you have the skill and knowledge to play, you can make the best use of it. it is not only limited to this, as you will get regular updates about the cricket news, coming matches, weather conditions and much more which can affect the match results. Also, you can compare the players like Rohit Sharma vs Virat Kohli to know which one is better for your team. This will help you to make the right team as per your requirement. With the help of news articles, you will get to know about the stats of each player, best batsman, captaincy records in tests, ODIs, T20s, and Indian T20 league.

But know that to ace the game, you have to work on your skills, prediction abilities and also you should be clearly aware of the tips and tricks required to win the game. All these factors will help you out to win the game. Although these fantasy apps carry the same rules as the actual game has, you can still refer to the rules section or frequently asked question section. Know that you can earn small by simply choosing the players and leaving the rest on fate. If you want to earn big, it is very much important to put in the effort and look into the minor details while picking the team. Also, you can consider the latest news and make sure to comply with it.

Following are some of the tips and tricks while playing fantasy cricket:

  • Check player performance – While selecting the team, it is very much important to know the performance of each player. This will help you to select the best team. You should be aware of the best batsman, bowler, fielder etc. Also, choose the player according to the recent performance rather than the past performances. This will help you to make a better team. All these things will help you to select a better team and will increase your chances to gain high returns. For this, you can refer to the cricket news in the app.
  • Weather forecasts – It is an essential tip to analyze the weather and should know about the pitch. This point is often ignored by the players and end up losing the game. Know that if the pitch is dry, it is recommended to pick good spinners. You should be aware of such things to make a better choice for the team.
  • Captain and vice-captain – It is very important to choose these wisely. In fantasy games, you will get 2 extra points when the captain will score and a 1.5 score when the vice-captain will score. These two can bring a whole new change to the game. Even if the other players are average and these two are the top players, the chances of your winning will be high. So here it is important to decisively choose your captain and vice-captain.
  • Multiple teams – You should create more teams to increase the probability of winning. You can play other matches if you lose one. There is no shortage of games or matches in these fantasy apps, so you can enjoy and win. So here creating multiple teams will always help.
  • Latest News – Keep yourself updated about the latest news about all the players. This will help you to get an idea about the performance level while selecting your own team. Not only on the players but also know about the coach. All these factors will help you to win the game. A small change or news will help you with big things.
  • Right combinations of players – It is important to focus on every player while selecting. It is always advised to select one player from each category. Also, try to select those who are good in more than one category like they specialize in batting but are also a good fielder. These combinations will help you to make the right choice.
  • Toss – Toss is a crucial thing in a cricket match as this thing can change the whole game strategy. These days the fantasy apps are much flexible, so they allow some last-minute changes in the team. These small changes can help you to excel in the game.

So above are some major tips and tricks which will help you out to win the fantasy cricket sport. Just make sure to check the comparison stats like Rohit Sharma vs MS dhoni or other players to you make the right choice. If you are looking for the best fantasy app, you can download ‘Gamezy’. This is the top-rated app and is best for all android and ios devices. You can play multiple games like fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi, carrom, ludo, rummy, 8 ball pool and much more. The best thing is that after winning you can instantly withdraw your cash prize. So download the gamezy app and enjoy playing your favorite games.

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