Jumpstart Your Website With A Ranking On Google

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Starting a new website is a daunting task because today its not only the content that needs to be completed but the SEO as well. What good is having a website that no one finds? Here are a few tips to jumpstart a ranking;

Three ways to get on Google’s radar

1. Write long form content

The highest percentage of websites in the number one position have an average of 2500 words on their homepage. Write long form content to get noticed. Commit to your content being around 2500 words will force to you to thoroughly communicate your ideas and services. A clearly conveyed message is much more likely to convert a visitor to a new client when they have a better understanding of what you’re offering.

2. Optimize

If you are going to rank on Googles search engine, you need to optimize for a specific search term. These types of keyword ranking services are crucial in helping you rank for competitive search terms. Prioritize your content so that you are featuring the most important topics in the most detailed manner. Make it clear what your website specializes in by allocating a good portion of your content to the search phrase you want to rank for.

3. Build your network

Developing a website from scratch means that your site has never been seen before by Googles search engine. You need credibility. The way to build credibility is to choose your network of website you want to be associated with. The websites cannot be from unrelated categories or you will be penalized. Choose sites where a distinguishable relationship can be made. The more relevant the website, the better the match.

Google uses over 200 ranking signals when assessing websites for ranking. There are dozens of more items that should be addressed when pushing for a competitive ranking but following these three steps will definitely get your site noticed and placed on Googles radar.

Christian Carere is an SEO consultant Toronto-based freelancer. He is the owner and founder of Digital Ducats Inc. specializing in search engine optimization services.

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