jQuery Cookie (Set, Get and Delete)

jQuery Cookie

Cookies are the most important thing or technology for storing data on the client side environment. jQuery Cookie is a simple, lightweight plugin for writing, reading and deleting cookies from client side.

At first you need to download jquery.cookie plugin and simply need to add it in your pages.

<script src="js/jquery.js"></script>
<script src="js/jquery.cookie.js"></script>

Set Cookie:

$.cookie('cookie_name', 'cookie_value');
$.cookie('cookie_name', 'cookie_value', { expires: 7 });

To cover all the options:

$.cookie("cookie_name", 'cookie_value', {
expires : 7,
path    : '/',
domain  : 'namasteui.com',
secure  : true

Get Cookie:


returns the value ‘cookie_value’;

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Delete Cookie:

$.cookie('cookie_name', null);
$.cookie('cookie_name', null, { path: '/' });

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