Uploadify – jQuery file upload plugin


Uploadify, a jQuery plugin, allows you to upload multiple files at a time. HTML5 and Flash both both versions are available for implementation on your website.

Some features include:

  • Multiple file uploads at a time – main benefit of this plugin is its ability to allow multiple file uploads.
  • Drag and drop facility – it allows you to drag and drop files onto the queue to add them instantly.
  • Extreme customization – every aspect of this plugin is fully customizable.
  • Custom upload restrictions – easy to set file size limits, file count limits, file type limits, and simultaneous upload limits.
  • Real time progress indicators – progress bars show the current upload progress.

Why Uploadify?

Highly Customizable:
Most of the features of Uploadify is fully customizable so that you can create the uploader which suits better in your site perfectly.

Two Awesome Versions:
In both Flash and HTML5, versions are available for ultimate compatibility and fallback methods allow for graceful degredation.

Large Support Community:
It has a huge community of users with answers to your questions.

Documentation library:

You can find an extensive collection of articles that will help you to make implementing Uploadify and UploadiFive easier. There is also articles for security, sessions, and other related matters.

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