Do we really need splash page?

splash page

Splash page is a front page of any website which does not contain the actual content rather than show some kind of attractive information for what the website is for.

To attract people this can be an eye candy to draw attention.

Here are few using of splash page or screen:

  • Some form of advertising.
  • Newsletter subscription.
  • Some excitement content or news.
  • Help for browsing the website.
  • Selecting language.
  • Latest updates.
  • Warning message or choose age for viewing adult websites.

But sometimes visitors are not patient and they close it at the moment or sometimes if it irritates very much for them, they won’t come back.

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If any of your website is mainly an article or informational one then, we can suggest you instead focus more on having different modules on the landing page that makes an impression your specific areas of expertise and services.

For example, sometimes when visitors click on enter on splash screen it opens a new window in a new tab. Not every visitors like this and they always try to move into main page without clicking on any link.

So, is it much important to “WOW” your visitors with an attractive and cool features that even though you may not be appealing to the huge audience much possible or would you much rather show to ALL visitors and have something in your hand to show the search engines can find more easily?


  • Showcase your portfolio.
  • Allow visitor to choose attractive option.
  • It can be a navigation tool.
  • You may publish some important news.


  • If there is no benefit then visitor may become confused.
  • For too long you may lose visitor interest.
  • Studies shows that approx 1/4 of visitors leave a website if they see a splash page.

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