Ten important facts about Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

AI adoption

Advancements in the artificial intelligence technology have had a noticeable impact on various areas and on the aspects of mankind’s endeavours. Perhaps, artificial intelligence would be the main driving force in the revolution of mankind. Innovative businesses want to seize the opportunity to integrate the applications of artificial intelligence with digital marketing.

As this combination has proven to be a fruitful one, businesses are eager to know what more AI has in its pocket for the digital marketers. Let us first know something about the concept of artificial intelligence. They also have the ability to learn from past experience and get better over time.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence deals with making intelligent machines or programs that can simulate human behaviour. In other words, AI machines are capable of doing things that would otherwise require human intelligence. AI machines have the capability of reasoning, problem-solving, decision making, perception etc. They also have the ability to learn from past experience and get better over time.

Combining AI and Digital Marketing

Combining artificial intelligence with digital marketing can help the businesses to achieve big goals and unachievable targets easily. Artificial intelligence has become an ideal weapon in the battlefield of competitive marketing. Initially, digital marketers were unsure about the benefits of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. This may be due to lack of trust or due to lack of awareness. But in the recent time, AI applications have witnessed a steep growth in digital marketing. More and more digital marketers want to use AI to its full potential.

1. Recommendation systems

Artificial intelligence helps in building the recommendation systems for the websites. E-Commerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba etc are using this feature exhaustively to leverage the user experience. Recommendation system shows us products based on our previous searches and interest. By getting similar results at the same place, the user no longer has to spend hours in searching the product. This enhances the user experience.

2. Chatbots in digital marketing

Getting your queries answered about any business, you might have used the chat feature that websites provide to its users. There is a high probability that it is a Chatbot answering your queries. Chatbots are build using artificial intelligence algorithms that answer all your queries by interpreting them. Chatbots are available 24/7 at the service and never gets bored.

3. Helps in decision making

Decision making is an important pillar of any businesses. Decisions can make or break the reputation of any organization. Businesses have to take small or big decisions on the daily basis. Decision making is not an easy process as you have to think in all dimensions before reaching a decision.Artificial intelligence has eased the process of decision making by its ability to process huge dataset and analyzing the data.

4. Content marketing using AI

After building a great website, the next step is to fill up the website with a lot of good and relevant content. Search engines like Google are becoming more intelligent and they want to provide the most relevant and good results for the users. Artificial intelligence helps in content marketing also. AI provides tools that enable digital marketers to create a good content by providing stats like most searches keywords, keywords with least competition, keyword optimization etc.

5. Reducing load time of the website

Using high definition images and videos, the websites look appealing and attractive. But at the same time, it slows down the page loading. This can be a serious issue as it can hinder the flow of traffic to your website. Artificial intelligence applications have helped in reducing this problem. AI helps in intelligently optimizing the images and videos through its algorithm. This reduces the load time of the website and waiting time too.

6. Predictive marketing using AI

Artificial intelligence helps in predicting the nature of the user. Billions of searches are made by users around the globe. The search data is saved in the database for the prediction of user’s demographic location, likings, interests, and profession etc. This helps in targeting the right customer for the product and services.

7. Customised websites

How about showing the same website to different users with different themes and content? This has also become possible with the help of artificial intelligence. According to past searches, demographic locations, gender, likings, AI can customize the websites and show the user the content which he wants to see. This improves the user experience to a huge extent.

8. The market value of AI

The market value of artificial intelligence is having a huge net worth. As the concept of digital marketing is increasing day-by-day the market value of AI has also increased to manifolds. Artificial intelligence companies are earning huge amount of profits in collaboration with the digital marketing. The market value of AI is increasing exponentially and is estimated to increase in the upcoming years.

9. Voice Searches

In the upcoming years, voice search will completely surpass the text searches. With the help of AI and voice recognition system, the user can command using their voice only. AI systems recognize the voice converts them from speech to text and provide the desired results. This implies that the content of the website should be in such a way that it resembles the human conversation. This will assist search engines to correctly interpret the keywords with search results.

10. Image recognition system

Robotics and artificial intelligence have made it easy to recognize the images of the persons, products etc. So AI can recognize the person in the image, and more advanced systems are able to gather the consumer information which further can be used in decision making.


Hence, artificial intelligence applications in digital marketing have a huge scope. AI has enabled digital marketers to understand the user much better than they ever did. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology will further bridge the gap between marketers and customers in the upcoming years. So, let us wait and watch how digital marketers are going to manipulate the artificial intelligence for improving the sales.

Source: https://becominghuman.ai

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  1. It is great experience to read this article. Artificial Intelligence has brought many significant changes to the world of digital marketing. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  2. Yes this is true that AI will going to play a major role in future development.
    Great article good to spend time to read this valuable article.

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  4. As far as I know, chatbots are not so popular. Or maybe not popular in B2B.
    Big data is also a HUGE part of digital marketing. I mean, you need to track what the customers are doing on your website, to see how much time they are reading the content that you have, where do they look.
    I think AI and digital marketing is such a complex topic that you can’t have enough time to teach and to explain.

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