How to Set up the Ultimate Trade Show Display: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Trade Show

What’s your main motivation for setting up a trade show display exhibit?

Here’s what other businesses reported in a recent poll:

  • 88% participate in trade shows to raise brand awareness
  • 72% hope to get leads from new prospects and buyers
  • 70% seek to strengthen current business relationships

These are all terrific goals, but one thing stands between you and accomplishment: your trade show display.

The way you present your trade show booth makes the difference between hoards of visitors streaming inside—or passing by without a second glance.

In this post, we’ll offer five expert tips for setting up a magnetic trade show display. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Choose Simple Graphics

Trade show banners are all about the biggest, brightest, and funkiest fonts, right?

Not so fast. We understand your enthusiasm, but keep in mind how much information attendees are being bombarded with. If your trade shows display is a convoluted jumble of colors, fonts, and art, your message will quickly get lost.

Stick with clear, easy-to-read text. Avoid the temptation to use multiple images and instead stick with one standout picture. If you’re stumped for choices, get inspiration from and achieve more from your exhibit.

2. Pick a Short Headline

The Rule of Simplicity applies here, too. Don’t try to fit the entire history of your brand into a single banner.

The shorter your title, the larger it can appear on your trade show display. The larger it appears, the more people will notice it—even from a distance. Be sure your company name and website are clearly visible so someone can jot it down to reference later.

3. Include Something Interactive

Make your trade show display the talk of the event with a fun and engaging activity. Some popular ideas include:

  • LED displays
  • touch screens
  • prize drawings
  • game show or quiz
  • photo booth

The longer you can entice people to stick around, the more they’ll learn about your brand. Even a free charging station could be a huge draw for someone whose phone is about to die. To know more about LED Display Screen Rentals please look at set up a led screen rented from San Diego.

4. Win People Over With Edibles

No, we’re not talking about those kinds of edibles—unless you run a CBD business, of course. Food is a tried-and-true way of drawing a crowd, so use it to your advantage.

Can you offer finger foods, chocolates, or popcorn? What about candies, cookies, or bottled water wrapped up in branded packaging?

Pro tip: If you can find a way to offer fresh coffee in your trade show display booth, you’ll have a nonstop crowd all day long.

5. Add a Touch of Nature

After a few hours cooped up in a stuffy exhibition hall, most attendees will be ready for some fresh air.

Give them what they’re looking for by bringing the experience of nature inside. Make your booth more attractive by adding a pergola, live wall, grass mat, or garden furniture.

Design a Killer Trade Show Display

Well, there you have it: the secrets to making an amazing trade show display.

Use simple, clear graphics and a short, attention-grabbing headline. Entice people closer with an interactive display or something to munch on. And don’t forget to add a touch of nature so everyone feels calm and comfortable.

Now that you’re up on the latest and greatest trade show booth ideas, what’s next? Keep browsing our site for more informative reads!

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