7 YouTube Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2020

YouTube Stats

Do you want to improve your brand on YouTube? Well, it’s a perfect idea! Because YouTube is the biggest one than all the other social media platforms (except for Google).

Before that, you should know the stats of YouTube. Then only you can measure your audience and improve your brand level. Suppose you are a new creator on YouTube. In that case, you will calculate the YouTube count of subscribers, or else if you are an experienced video creator then you have measured the views on the brand’s video. 

This article helps to kickstart your YouTube channel growth and track your success. Let’s start!

1. YouTube – The World second social Media

YouTube is considered as the second-largest social media platform after Google. Google-owned YouTube in 2005, and now YouTube works based on Google’s subsidiaries. Since the creation of YouTube, its mission has been to provide fast and easy video access to users and share videos frequently.

Without the secret, YouTube is a fast-growing social media platform, many reasons have contributed to its success today.YouTube makes it so easy to get started and share your content with a large audience. The simplicity with which people can get started on YouTube has contributed extremely to attracting millions of content creators and making influencers worldwide. 

2. Active YouTube Users:

According to the 2019 stats, YouTube has 2 billion active users globally. These statistics help to find more data about all social media platforms. Also, the number of active users has increased on a monthly basis. Apart from YouTube, Facebook only has a lot of uses per month.

 Note: It’s important to mention that since many people watch videos on YouTube without using Google Accounts.

3. Who is using YouTube? 

It is an important measurement to target your audience. Upon the stats, 90% of the internet users age between 18 to 44 years. This YouTube statistic allows showing the preference of visual content, among other types. 

Even more, 51% of older people(above 75) who use the internet are also watching videos on YouTube. Understanding the importance of YouTube based on age group, it can help for several marketers to understand if their target market is present on YouTube or not.

Based on Pew research, YouTube is the most popular online platform in America.

4. YouTube Marketing Statistics:

Without any doubt, YouTube is the best video sharing, and it is an immensely popular platform among marketers. Based on 2019 research, 78.8% of marketers have the interest to enhance their brand on YouTube. 

A bit of comparison with YouTube, Facebook has 58.8% of marketers who use Facebook to be the most effective video marketing platform. (Facebook is considered as the king of social media). 

62% of marketers are interested in increasing a budget for YouTube marketing in the next 12 months. Upon the stats, they are expected to increase to 5.21 billion in 2021 and breach the 6 billion to 6.06 billion in 2022.

5. Why YouTube for Business? 

Many marketers are ready to promote their business on YouTube because most audiences spend their time on YouTube. And several marketers consider that YouTube is a valuable tool for business.  

More businesses have started to use YouTube to communicate with their existing customers and expose their products or services to potential customers. 

Why does everyone Prefer YouTube?

It is a user-friendly platform, whereas everyone can access this platform with a google account’s help. It is straightforward to share your videos, communicate with your target audience, and improve your brand’s visibility. Increasing YouTube likes and engaging your audience is also an important factor on YouTube. 

6. Audience Discover New Products:

In 2019 stats, 90% of the audience says that they find new brands or products on YouTube. It doesn’t importantly convince your viewers to buy your services or products; it does get the message across. Consumers depend on video content during every step of the journey; even a bit of information is immensely valuable to marketers. 

YouTube helps to promote your product. Marketing a product is the most important thing to expose a product, and you can create a video of that product showcasing with benefits. 

Your content must be hooked up with your audience and create a curiosity about your brand and if you want your audience to go up fast, you can also use YouTubeStorm to buy real YouTube Views.

7. Video Hours on YouTube

  • 500 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube per minute in the world.
  • 30,000 hours of video uploaded per hour
  • 720,000 hours of video uploaded per day to YouTube

Based on the metrics, markets are ready to improve their products, and the audience also already buys the products (if needed). Even the video content creators are also increasing to enhance the product. Marketers can benefit from YouTube by building a community and interacting with their customers by showing their effects on the platform. 


YouTube is an entertainment and developing platform. If you’re a new marketer on YouTube, you should know the importance of YouTube. I hope the above mentioned 7 statistics help to resolve your questions. 

Thanks for reading!

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