How to run a mobile catering business

mobile catering business

It’s time to take your restaurant or catering business mobile. You can cook food on the go and serve food where your customers are. You could build a food truck business or use a food delivery app to take your food straight into the customer’s home. There are plenty of ways to grow your catering business. You just need a little imagination to take your business to the next level.

You can reach far more customers when you are mobile. You can connect with your customers, chat with them and find out what they like about your food.  A mobile food service is way more fun than standing in a kitchen all day. You can rebrand yourself as a mobile restaurant and improve your brand recognition. Win, win!

Here are a few things you need to run your mobile catering business.


You need a truck or van to run your mobile food business. Try to find a reliable vehicle that runs smoothly. Avoid old vehicles that are prone to breaking down and causing issues for you on a weekly basis.


You need to invest in portable cooking equipment that can fit in your van.  You will need a generator to power your equipment in the vehicle. Do your research and find a cooker that works for you. Portable cooking equipment is a whole other ball game, and you need to be prepared. Don’t waste money on equipment that you can’t use.


Think about where you should take your food truck, such as festivals, meet-ups or outdoor events. Try to find places where people congregate and socialise. Of course, you will need to ask for permission from the organisers, and they will probably charge you to be there. Consider who your target customer is and where they would like to see your food truck.


Build an online presence for your food truck on the major social media platforms. You can post updates about your truck and where you will be next. Your customers can follow you and stay updated on where they can catch your food next. Make sure to brand your truck so people can find it easily, and it will act as a mobile advertisement for your business.


Once your business starts to take off, you will need employees to help you run the truck. You could expand to several food trucks once you establish a steady income. Hire an employee with experience in operating a food truck, and make sure you can trust them. You could start off working on the same truck before allowing them to run their own vehicle.

Branch out of the restaurant industry and start your own mobile food truck.

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