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In the modern world, there are a lot of promising niches for earning, which many do not know about or are afraid to try, missing the opportunity to get a high income. One of the most popular and legal areas is CPA marketing. You can quickly enter this area and start making big profits. Specialized education is not required and the necessary skills are developed empirically. The disadvantage is the lack of stability and high competition, but it is offset by the first significant profit.

What is cost per action?

In affiliate marketing, this is a reliable and convenient model for paying for the results of an advertising campaign. People choose it most often. CPA is short for cost per action. A brand only pays marketers if their ads get people to buy a product (CPS) or take some other targeted action. Cost per sale is not the only type of cost per action. There are also the following goals:

  • product page view (Cost Per Visit);
  • app installation (Cost Per Install);
  • sending contact information (Cost Per Lead);
  • order placement;
  • registering on website;
  • ad click etc.

There are three parties involved in affiliate marketing: advertisers (sellers), publishers (marketers) and an affiliate network – an intermediary site. CPA networks place offers in their program – offers from advertisers with payment terms for advertising their product. A publisher chooses an offer, agrees on cooperation and receives a unique link that they insert into advertisements. If a person performs a target action using this link and the review confirms this, the publisher receives a payment for it in the form of a percentage or a fixed rate. To earn a profit, the amount of all payments must exceed the cost of advertising. With the best deals and significant investments, the return on investment (ROI) can reach 500%!

Who can earn on CPA

CPA marketing allows anyone who wants to delve into it and is ready to invest in creating a link and launching an advertising campaign to earn money. $100 is enough for the first samples. You can triple or lose them. There is no luck, it all depends on the right approach, which is rarely found the first time. Even in the event of a loss, the investor receives a very valuable cashback in the form of experience in order to earn real money on the offer next time.

Basically, publishers do not do the entire advertising cycle on their own, but buy it together with consumables – accounts, banners, landing pages and so on. They also pay to the source of traffic – search engine, social or advertising networks where they will place their promo materials. But setting up an advertising account, analyzing the target audience and sculpting the finished bundle is a headache for the publisher. It will be easier for the owners of at least some of these superpowers:

  • SEO optimization;
  • targeting;
  • working with web pages;
  • programming;
  • copywriting;
  • design.

To make money on CPA marketing, it is not necessary to drive traffic. Some make good money selling courses to teach beginners, but it is better not to become an outright infogypsy. You can set up and sell accounts, create promotional materials or services for affiliate marketers, promote your own site to a wide audience and run ads on it as an affiliate marketer.

How to make money on CPA

There is no universal answer to this question. The community recommends studying the theory thoroughly first. For this, it is not necessary to buy courses, all the information is on the Internet. In addition to chats and forums, it is worth visiting a profile event and chatting with future colleagues. Of course, they will not share professional secrets, but they can give a couple of parting recommendations and suggest reliable CPA networks. Then it is time to decide on the vertical – the type of offers.

It is easier to work with white offers, but it brings less profit. It is more difficult with gambling, although that is where the highest payouts are. The golden, or rather the gray middle is nutra offers, that is, additives, creams and other products for beauty and health. They are always in high demand and have a wide target audience. The representative of the affiliate network, the account manager, will help you choose the offer. You can also order promo materials, translations and consumables from them. Judging by the reviews, one of the best nutra affiliate networks and direct advertisers in Europe is the Terra Leads CPA network, but it is worth testing several affiliate programs at once and choosing the most favorable conditions. At the same time, you cannot trust everyone without exception, especially no-name networks. They can cheat for money, take too long to calculate, put up nasty limits or impose complex traffic requirements.

Before a full-fledged launch, you need to analyze competitors and conduct tests to find out what promo materials appeal to the target audience the most. The results can be unpredictable, so this will save you working capital.

We wish you to get on top asap!

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