How to Increase the Reference Mass to Get into the Top?

Increase the Reference Mass

External optimization of any web resource includes the buildup of the reference mass. Backlinks to your site give it propriety in the eyes of search engines and it is really significant to have a natural profile.

Which is the total amount of indexed open links with a thematic anchor? This thematic anchor is the text that is used as a ref and redirects the user to a specific site.

Links from resources with a similar theme will be useful for the landing page, they have to be open up with unique, and most importantly, suitable text in terms of meaning. Reference mass is a vital factor in the ranking of a site by search engines. Moreover, this is the one of the most priority as well as popular ways of promotion among optimizers.

Reference Mass Definition

In simple words, the reference mass is the total number of links placed by the webmaster on third-party resources in with an eye to promote the site. The essence of this method is simple! The more ref will lead to the promoted site, the more the confidence of search engines to such a resource will be. As a consequence, its pages will take higher positions in the results of the search issue.

There are several ways to increment the reference mass. However, it cannot be said that some of them are clearly preferable to others. It is always reasonable to combine different strategies to obtain refs from external resources. Each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Methods for Increasing the Reference Mass

The growth of the reference mass develops in several directions and depends on the methods of obtaining direct backlinks:

  • internal (internal linking);
  • natural;
  • free;
  • purchased.

Internal Linking

To promote search queries, you do not have to purchase links. You can use the old effective way – internal page linking and link to the internal pages of the site. Do it by using an anchor the exact occurrences of the search query on the page promoted and the entries that will help advance the page on the low-frequency request. The most important thing in internal linking – the page to which refs should be similar in content, relevant.

Natural Links

They have to appear in a natural way. The webmaster does not have to buy them or independently search for sites using free methods. Typically, natural links appear very rarely and the article should be of high quality and most importantly useful for users. Then it is possible that another user will want to share the unique material with others by putting a ref.

Features of Free Links

Get free direct links today is completely real. In this article, we give only a few of the most common options.

  • registration in the catalog, participation in the ratings according to the type of TOP 100.
  • exchange refs from a site similar or the same subject.
  • commenting on blogs. It is important that the comments are useful, bulky and on the topic. Only in this case, you can get the attention of potential visitors.
  • registration on advanced sites manually. To get a link back even with your own anchor, you can simply fill out the profile on the forums. It is important that the indexing of the page is not closed. In addition, this method is not always effective. Since most of the registered inactive users are simply deleted from the resource with time.
  • participation in contests and relay races as one of the ways to get free backlinks from participants.

Purchased Links

Purchased links are one of the effective ways to increase the reference mass of the site.

Such refs by the method of their acquisition can be divided below.

  • Temporary, which most modern optimizers use. They contribute to the rapid and effective promotion of the Internet resource.
  • “Eternal”, which are placed forever and exist until the end of the “life” of the project.
  • Temporary refs can be purchased through special exchanges. The services provided by the exchange are the simplest and fastest way to gain an important external mass.
  • You can buy high-quality rental refs; payment is made monthly. This method of promotion is attractive in that references to quality are not inferior to “eternal”, their donor, if desired, can be changed. Rent refs can be completely different (contextual and social). They do not lose weight in the process of using, as “eternal”.
  • The acquisition of links via the exchange simplifies and speeds up the process of increasing the reference mass.

Useful Tips

In order for the reference profile of your web resource to be natural, it is optional to do bellow.

  • Start wisely. Increasing the reference mass of the site should be performed on the basis of the principle “Less is better”, so do not chase the number, it is more important to worry about the quality of references that refer to you. A natural reference profile consisting of only a dozen refs will bring much more benefits than a hundred cheap, received from the exchange from the black list.
  • Male smoothly. Increase the reference mass on the site can be very quick, but as already stated, this will lead to a bad result. Therefore, you need to start doing it smoothly, gradually. To begin with, several daily natural refs in forums, reviews or comments on various authoritative resources will work.
  • Make all gradually. Then you can move to more serious volumes, but it is important that they are observed constantly and it’s not necessary to use paid links only. A natural reference profile must contain some free references, so make registration in numerous catalogs of sites, provided they are authoritative, is perfect.
  • It’s should be stable. Increasing the reference mass of the site should be regular, without interruptions – if you decide to purchase 10 daily, then this schedule should be observed for 2-4 months until you reach the desired top of the search engines. The slightest break in a few days will immediately cause suspicion of the legality of your promotion methods.
  • Be creative. Think about how to build the reference mass on the site so that there is diversity at the same time. For example, if you are keen on buying mentions on several exchanges, try to dilute the natural reference profile. Do this with links to your site in the comments on articles on competitors’ websites.
  • If before the search engines did not care about the quality of links, now the systems have become smarter. By letting this point of promotion drift, you run the risk of spending money and time wasted. Moreover, you also getting under the sanctions and now there are many tools to monitor external links.

There is a high probability that they will not be moderated and maybe they will be deleted. There is one way that can be effective. Ask for permission to link to an article on your site and in case of an agreement you will receive a free link.

How to Properly Build the Reference Mass on the Site

There are several general tips on this topic that will help make the reference profile of your web resource more natural and productive.

  1. First, placed mentions should only be on thematic resources containing useful and interesting content and this will increase the percentage of probability that a user will go to your site. Therefore, it is desirable to use the link aggregators as little as possible and try to control the list of resources that will be referring to you.
  2. Secondly, closely monitor the machinations of competitors, because some of them can use the methods of placing refs to your site of poor quality. Thus, you may not even know about their availability and get under the filter.
  3. Thirdly, the natural reference profile should at least approximately correspond to the following indicators:
  • various anchors;
  • availability of many sources;
  • referrals to your site;
  • the presence of refs to pages that are not promoted.

Remember that to promote sites it is should be used the mix of several ways. Then, if you change the search algorithms, you will not lose your positions, because the search engines are able to distinguish natural one from corrupt ones. However, do not forget that a young site cannot have a large number of external refs from the first days, do it incrementally, gaining 1-5 backlinks per day. Search engines do not consider the fact of buying links. Hence, they evaluate the ratio of purchased and natural ones of the site.

Professionals successfully fulfill their goals by carefully selecting the sites for placing backlinks on topics, the level of quality of their content and credibility.If you use our tips, you are likely to be able to increment the reference mass of the site in such a way that the search engines begin to steadily growing its rating of utility. After some time, this should lead to the presence of your web resource in TOPs on promoted requests.

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