How to Create a Listing in the AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace is an online store where people can buy and sell applications, services, or tools for use with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

1. Create a new AWS account

To make a product listing, you first need to create an account on the AWS Marketplace site. This will allow you to register as a vendor, associate your product with an AWS account, and upload your product listing.

2. Find the Amazon Web Services Marketplace

To sign up for an account on the AWS Marketplace, you can visit their site at

3. Click “Add New Product”

On the main page of the marketplace website, you will see a button that says “Add New Product”.

4. Add product details, including name, screen size, and price

On the new product page, you can provide all of the relevant information for your listing. This includes:

a) Name: The name of your application or service; this is what will show up across the AWS Marketplace

b) Screen Size: The resolution of your product, i.e. 1024×768

c) Price: The cost of your application or service; must be between $0.99 and $500,000 per year

d) Description: A short paragraph describing the capabilities of your application or service

e) Tags: Keywords that you want to associate with your product

f) AWS Account Number: Your account number for this application in the AWS Marketplace; you will need to provide a unique identifier so people can find and install your listing.

g) Primary Category: The primary category in which your product should be listed; for the purposes of this article, we will choose “Business_&_Productivity”

h) Subcategories: Secondary categories that your product should be listed under; for the purposes of this article, we will leave this blank.

i) Keywords: Additional keywords you want to be associated with your application or service; these are not required but might be helpful for users searching the Marketplace.

j) Add Images: You can upload images to be associated with your product listing.

k) Upload Manifest: Your manifest is a file that describes your distributable package, including information about licensing and other content included within the package. The manifest also allows you to control how copies of your product are named by your customers, and to validate that the contents of a specific version have not been modified.

5. Save changes to your listing

When you’ve completed all of the information for your product listing, click “Save & Finish” to create the listing. Again, you will need an AWS account in order to be able to create a listing.

6. Promote your product by following Amazon’s guidelines for marketing products in the marketplace

Finally, you should follow the guidelines set out by Amazon that outline how to best promote your product.


Overall, the AWS platform is a great way to make your application or service more accessible to users of Amazon Web Services. As long as you have an AWS account, it’s easy to create a product listing and use the marketing resources available from Amazon.

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