How to Choose the Best Baby Hygiene Products Online

Baby Hygiene Products

When you have a baby, one of the first things you think of is their hygiene. While you may take a quick shower before work every day, you cannot do the same for your baby. Their hygiene would need a lot more care and consideration on your part.

One of the best ways to look after your baby’s hygiene is to buy the right products for them. Consider the difference a great soap or shampoo makes to your hygiene habits. Why should it be any different when it comes to the hygiene of your little one?

The best baby products you find online should tick more than one box if you invested in them. We’re here to help you make this choice with a few tips on how you can pick hygiene products for your baby.

Choose Only Baby Products

The first thing to remember here is to choose products designed for babies. It’s easy to get carried away sometimes and use your hygiene products on your baby. If you do this, you could make a bigger mistake than you realize. Your skin is very different from that of your baby.

What may not hurt or irritate your skin might harm your baby. Baby products are designed bearing their skin sensitivity in mind. You’ll find these products contain the kind of ingredients that are gentle on babies skin.

They must have locally-sourced ingredients that are fresh and have a long shelf life. The country you’re from influences the ingredients that go into baby hygiene products. The baby brands in your country also offer you customer services so you can enjoy their products.

If you’re in the Philippines, GoLampin has safe products for your baby’s hygiene. In the same way, you’ll find other baby product brands in other countries that cater to local needs.

Ensure that the formulas you opt for are also free from artificial scents. Sure, you want your baby to smell and feel fresh throughout the day, even when they’re playing. But that doesn’t mean you opt for harsh products on their skin. You can opt for baby products with gentle ingredients and natural scents instead.

Ensure the packaging these products arrive in is safe to leave around babies. Babies are naturally curious and may want to play with or eat most things in their vicinity. So, it’s better to ensure there are toxic paints or small parts on the packaging of their hygiene products.

Don’t Fall for ‘Natural’ Products

You should know that baby products and natural products aren’t always natural. The same usually applies to the hygiene products you use on your skin as well. Sure, natural baby products do contain some amount of natural ingredients. But, then again, so do all other kinds of baby products.

If a product is labeled ‘natural,’ it doesn’t mean it contains only natural ingredients. Often, these baby products contain parabens and preservatives to improve their shelf life. You may even like using these products on your baby’s skin as they’ll give you tangible results.

But these kinds of baby products can end up harming your baby’s health in the long run. You should know that a little research goes a long way when picking out baby hygiene products. You’ll often find that a natural product may contain less than 1% natural ingredients.

Baby companies often add this small amount to ensure their products get a ‘natural’ label. You’d be better off buying organic products for your baby from reputed baby brands. Sure, these products are usually costly and hard to find. But, you’d be happy to discover that the ingredients contained in the products are great for babies.

They’re gentle on the skin and don’t cause any allergic reactions among them. It’s very easy for a product to irritate your baby’s skin considering how sensitive it is. You’ll find that skin infections like eczema are common among babies.

So, it’s better to be careful and use safe, organic products to keep your baby clean and healthy. These products won’t contain artificial scents that could irritate your baby’s skin. You’ll find the high cost of these organic products to be well with it in the long run.

Check Certifications

Another thing for you to look for when buying baby products is if they have certifications. Every country is different and has different safety regulations for its baby products. So, the baby brand you buy from must follow your local regulations. This will help you ensure that the products you’re buying are safe.

You should always read the labels of the baby hygiene products you wish to buy. Sure, it can be time-consuming and boring to go through these labels every single time. But, this is a small price to pay if you want to keep your baby safe and healthy.

You can read the certifications on the product page if you’re buying baby products online. Ensure you review each product page, even if you’re buying from the same brand. Just because you bought from a baby brand before doesn’t mean the quality of its products is the same now.

You should be safe than sorry here, especially if you have a newborn baby to care for. The certifications on baby products restrict how much goes into their manufacturing process. So you can be sure that no traces of harmful chemicals make their way to your little one. Also, you can be sure that certified baby products are 100% organic in this sense. Government authorities carry out strict inspections before they hand out these certifications.

So, buying from a brand with these certifications for each product is always a good idea.


So that’s some of our best tips on choosing hygiene products for your baby. The baby products you pick out for them should tick the boxes we’ve outlined, at the very least. If they do, you’ll know you’ve found a good brand to stick with during your baby’s growth.

If they don’t, it’s time to keep looking for a baby brand that doesn’t compromise quality and safety.

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