How Smart Cameras Are Changing Commercial Security in 2021

Smart Cameras

Commercial security systems were once only an option for large organizations with comprehensive security needs. But today’s smart cameras are changing commercial security in 2021 and beyond. They are making some of the most advanced technologies available to small businesses at a more affordable price. With these systems, you can scale features according to your specific needs and provide unparalleled protection for your property, employees and assets.

Smart Cameras

Commercial-Grade Surveillance

Many small businesses have relied on consumer-grade security technology for years. But these systems do not meet business needs. Commercial security systems provide performance you can trust when you need it most. Consumer models typically require more light and work less effectively in low light or darkness, if they provide imagery at all. Commercial-grade cameras use larger internal sensors and more adaptable components that can work almost as effectively in darkness as they do in daylight.

Consumer cameras cost so much less than commercial models because manufacturers use lower quality components. Although these work well for the limited needs of a home and family, they are not effective when dealing with commercial property crime or providing legal evidence of criminal activity.

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Night Vision

Another reason to equip your business with commercial-grade smart cameras for security is their crisp night vision. While consumer cameras can work for a short range, they only provide a fixed brightness. As a result, the images you see are over-exposed and minimize details. This makes it impossible to identify trespassers or criminals.

But commercial smart cameras feature advanced infrared illuminators for “Smart IR” night vision. This Smart IR properly exposes the subject in view when using night vision, keeping details crisp and complete.

High Resolution

Camera resolution is another important feature in a commercial security system. Resolution is the dots-per-inch that create a video image. The more dots a camera creates, the greater the on-screen detail. Like televisions today, security cameras are available in 1080p and 4K, with 4K having four times the resolution of 1080p. However, saving 4k images takes up an incredible amount of recording storage space when compared to 1080p. You also need a very fast Internet connection and enterprise-grade network.

Smart Integration

The latest smart cameras integrate well with other smart devices. This gives you the power to control your security camera system along with other aspects of security, such as lighting, door locks and alarm systems. For example, if someone triggers your building alarm, you can have lights turn on automatically. You can also program exterior doors to lock, not allowing criminals to exit. In essence, smart devices working together with your camera system make security much more effective.

Cloud Video Storage

Through your Internet connection, your smart camera can immediately store video in the cloud. All video from multiple cameras can go to the same remote location for safekeeping and easy access should a crime occur. This method means that someone disabling your cameras cannot destroy video already captured.

Deep Learning Search

The latest smart cameras capture top quality footage, while surveillance video review features deep learning technology. Deep learning enables you to quickly search hours of footage in mere moments. You simply conduct a search of your captured imagery like you search on Google. Describe what you are looking for and the system provides key frames showing those items. This makes collecting evidence and capturing criminals much easier.

Thermal Images

If your business has areas with zero light, smart cameras equipped with thermal technology collect infrared radiation from people and objects on site to create an electronic image. This technology provides a clear view of landscapes for military troops and works well for commercial security, too.

Custom Commercial Security Systems Designed for Your Business

Smart cameras are changing commercial security in 2021 and they will only continue to advance. Cheaper cameras and those designed for the consumer market do not offer the many benefits and features of commercial-grade surveillance with smart capabilities. Talk to your commercial security system contractor for more insight into cameras suited to your specific needs.

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  1. Thanks for this post. Is it possible to have a setup wherein it still saves to an internal storage in my office server room then during the night can archive to a cloud storage?

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