How Can You Choose the Right Advertising Media Channel?

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The right media channel for your business advertising works as one of the most crucial factors. The success of your advertising for your business is going to perform as one of the most of the influences from what kind of advertising media channel you are using. However, you need to consider some of the essential points properly before you go to choose the right advertising media channel to make your advertising strategy go up. Here are the factors you need to consider first: 

Consider the nature of your product: 

The nature of your product needs to have the advertisement for having the most important impact on the medium for the advertisement. In case the products get classified with the two broad categories- industrial goods, customer goods then you have to opt for the right media channel which is going to be suitable for your product type. 

In case it is consumer goods, then you can advertise it using newspapers, radio or magazines, television or hoardings. However, the industrial goods need to be advertised with the specialized trade with the technical and professional journals. Also, for consumer goods, you can use pay-per-click and social media advertising. The top social media platform Instagram is having an engagement rate per post of 1.22%. And it has 1 billion monthly active users, which makes it a very effective media to make your advertising statistics go up. 

Advertising objective: 

For determining the type of advertising media channel you want, the objectives of your advertisement program work as one of the most crucial points. You need to determine the choice for your advertising media while introducing a new product to increase the demand for your existing product. In case your advertising needs to be carried on a mass scale for creating a bigger impact for the long run, then a variety of advertising media combinations is going to be appropriate. 

Consider the nature of your market: 

The nature of your market can easily be determined with a variety of factors. Consider the geographical region, population, and purchasing nature of your population to determine the type of your market. Whether the market is local or national, the advertisement media needs to be based on that purpose. Newspapers turn to be a highly suitable platform for the advertising of products which can be used easily for the national platform. For the international platform, you can use social media advertising to make it reach a better audience. 

Coverage and circulation power of the media: 

In case your media has better circulation, then your advertisement is going to reach out to more and more audiences. Reaching out to more and more audiences is going to make your target easier. In case you want to advertise on a national platform, then it is better to opt-out of the newspaper. Also, you can use the local SEO or PPE marketing to keep the media circulation more controlled and precise. On the other hand, you can also use advertising on social media platforms like Linkedin, IGTV, or Facebook for a better reach to your audience. 

The flexibility of the media: 

While picking the advertising media for advertisement, you need to consider if the medium has proper flexibility or not. In case one of your ads fails to opt-out successfully, the platform needs to be flexible enough to let you modify your ad or change it. For costly platforms like TV, Radio it is quite difficult for the marketers to change the ad, as it is really very costly. However, picking platforms like PPC, social media, or other virtual platforms lets you run test ads to assess how it is performing. Hence choose the platform wisely. 


While picking the media platform for running your advertisement, make sure you are opting for the one who is coming to give you a better revenue rate. Using the most cost-effective media that can drive better revenue to your business is important to save some extra costs in your fund.

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