How Renting Furniture in Delhi is Economical (With Figures)?

Renting furniture

Thinking of moving to a fully furnished apartment in Delhi???? Well, you need to think twice before moving in and I have all the reasons for making you do that. There has been a popular/emerging trend observed among people to buy things on rent. They would often take things on rent rather than buying them. Some of them have stated this option to be more economical than buying.

You can now find all the necessary items of home furnishing on rent. In this article, I am going to explain to you how economical it is to buy furniture and other goods on rent in delhi than moving in to fully furnished flat. There will be a comparison of the prices which will draw a clear picture in front of you. This comparison is made on the basis of thorough market research. Read further to know more about it.

Let’s start with your living room

1) Sofa set is a must!!!

Sofa set

A five-seater or three seater sofa set and a free delivery at your door-step is what you could probably wish for this monsoon. The monthly rental charge for this would be around INR 900 per month plus free cleaning, relocation, upgrade to new designs, and damage waiver.  Whereas, if you want to buy the same sofa set it would cost you around INR 30,000 plus the cost of cleaning (INR 1500), relocation, and damage (if any).

2) Dining Table

Dining Table

Four seater or six seater dining table is a must for your new home especially when you want to invite friends or family to a weekend party. Furniture made of pure Sheesham Wood with a cushioned seat for making your lunches and dinners comfortable so that you enjoy every bite of food with your loved ones. The dining table will come with a monthly rental charge of INR 800 (approximately), and the market price of the same dining table is around INR 30,000 to 40,000. The dining table will be delivered free at your doorstep and you can always rent it for as many months you want, you can always choose your monthly rental program.

Decorating your bedroom now!

1) Bed with a bed-side table

After a long working day you find solace in your bed, which has to be comfortable and as per your taste. And if you are someone with a transferable job then carrying heavy furniture every time with you when you move to a new city are costly. Keeping this in mind you can rent it, you can choose from a variety of bed with or without a bedside table because a nap time is your time!

Bed with a bed-side table

Whether you want a double bed or single bed you can always choose from a variety of products available online. A double bed with storage utility drawers is all you want to keep your extra things like a blanket or those things which you use seasonally. If you want you can go for an add option for having a mattress along with the bed and the product will be delivered absolutely free at your doorstep along with this you will get maintenance services free. This deal will cost you anything around INR 800-1000 per month, and the market price is around INR 20,000 to 25,000.

Electronic appliances

For a LED T.V of 40 inches, you just have to shell out INR 950 (approx) per month and the market price of this is around INR 35,000. Inter alia with the mentioned services if in case your T.V stops working it will be repaired by the company from, which you have rented your T.V and there is no additional cost of repairing.

Electronic appliances

A refrigerator (single door/double door) and a washing machine (semi-automatic/fully automatic) will cost you INR 800 (approx) and INR 600 (approx) respectively with free maintenance services of the product for a whole year. The cost of products varies with the features and brands.

A refrigerator


You must be thinking about which is more economical between the above-mentioned options. So, here is the answer to your query renting furniture is a more economical option than having a fully furnished rented apartment and many people nowadays are opting for this. For example, a fully furnished 2 bhk apartment in Delhi will cost you around INR 35,000 whereas, renting furniture in the same apartment will cost you around INR 15,000 and you are going to save 20,000 per month out of which you can rent premium furniture and branded appliances at most INR 5000 per month. In this way, you can save INR 15000 per month and yearly INR 1,80,000 Sound’s good deal, right?? Then go for it and trust me you ain’t gonna regret it.

rented apartment

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