Hiring A Software Development Team? Top 5 Things You Must Look for

Software Development Team

Software developers are some of the most in-demand professionals. Getting an ideal developer can be a challenge to recruiters. There is a need to hire a programmer with more than just technical skills. All software developers are not the same. Some might push the company to greater heights than others

In hiring a developer, you need to consider: What skills should the developer poses? Are you looking for full-stack, back-end or front-end developer?  How much experience should they have?

On the other hand, a potential developer will want to know:  What is your project? What functionality do you need? What are the deliverables? Are you locked into any technology?

Here are five traits you should consider when interviewing potential developers.

Communication Skills

Look for a developer who can communicate with the team. Developers with poor communication skills don’t perform effectively. During the interview, take note if candidates are conveying ideas accurately. Challenge the developer to sell their skills in a presentation. Observe the candidate’s body language. Body language can tell more about someone’s attitude. In this case, you are able to grasp his or her communication skill.

The developer should be in a position to explain himself to stakeholders without programming knowledge. Engineers with technical proficiency are known to be poor communicators. Lastly, communication skills are key if the recruiter wants the candidate to fill a leadership position. Good leaders must communicate effectively.

Ability to Learn

The technological world is evolving on a daily basis. Developers should be able to learn the new developments. No recruiter is in a position keep hiring when a new software update comes up. Therefore, a person with a negative attitude towards learning will definitely lose out. Recruiters can look at how fast the potential programmer is learning new things. Efficient programmers follow the latest trends. Find out if the candidate follows programming newspapers, magazines or books. This will give an insight into the programmer’s willingness to learn. Efficient programmers should also be fast learners. However, learning should not be restricted to the programming industry alone. Find out if they have mastered other skills apart from programming.

Teamwork Mentality

Candidates should not think highly of themselves. As a recruiter, look out for individuals who speak negatively about former bosses and colleagues. Chances of such individuals ignoring instructions are high. They may end up doing their own things that do not align with the company’s goals. In case of a disagreement, efficient developers should be able to understand the reasons behind a certain decision. Teamwork promotes efficiency in any workplace. When members work in harmony toward a common goal, end users will get the best experience.

Teamwork Mentality

Developers who are poor team players can destroy the morale of the entire team. A demoralized team can be hard to fix. In case such an individual is hired mistakenly, recruiters are always advised to fire them immediately.

Curiosity Mentality

Curiosity separates great minds from the crowd. Curious developers will never accept things the way they are. They strive to look for the near perfect solutions in case of a problem. Such a mentality can immensely contribute to the team’s development.  Curious developers will always pay attention to detail. Recruiters should look for individuals willing to have open discussions. During the interview, start a conversation and be keen on their contributions. If they jump in and provide original thoughts, then they are ideal.

Curiosity Mentality

Time and Project Management Skills

Developers should be highly reliable with strong work ethics. Work ethics involves keeping time and respecting deadlines. An efficient developer should have the ability to estimate the time needed to complete a task. It goes in hand with communicating the task and delivering. A reliable developer should manage himself well without supervision. Testing this skill can be hectic.

Recruiters can have a short-term contract with the potential developer. This period is perfect for testing time and task management skills. You can involve your entire team and ensure everyone provides feedback about the recruit. In the long run, strengths and weaknesses of a team can be recognized earlier. Additionally, you can ask the recruit to narrate a situation where he had to beat deadlines. New recruits can be dropped if they don’t perform.

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