Internet of Things in Healthcare Industry: Benefits and Challenges

Internet of Things

Technology is changing over the years industry to industry phenomenally. The healthcare industry has been witnessed with rapid technological changes. Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare is driving the present healthcare business development and demonstrating the way for the next generation. IoT is transforming the healthcare app development industry to the next level. IoT applications in healthcare is a boon for the patients, families, physicians, hospitals and insurance companies. The total market size of mobile health industry is expected to reach 60 billion dollars by 2020.

According to Accenture research, in 2018, 75 % of US consumers surveyed said technology is vital to manage their health. Truth to be told, Internet of Things (IoT) when executed in the correct way, standout to be the most innovative cure for the healthcare industry. This market is going to provide the ample number of opportunities; many big companies providing products and services including healthcare app development, Process Management, Prescription mobile apps, Patient Gateway, IoT based mHealth apps, Technical Consulting, Mobility & Cloud solutions and many more.

Why Internet of Things (IoT) is a Boon for the Healthcare Industry?

IoT is the game changer technology in the arena of healthcare world. IoT for healthcare industry holds the numerous benefits for the patients, doctors, families and hospitals. The major advantages of IoT in healthcare including cost reduction, patient monitoring in real time, cutting down unnecessary visits of doctors, blood-gas analyzers, smart beds, mobile X-ray machines, ultrasound units, etc.

Use Cases of IoT (Internet of Things) in the Healthcare Industry

1. Identity Management

IoT can be used with bio-metric that can directly connected through mobile devices to verify the identity of the doctors, patients and hospitals administration. It gives a better and smoother experience for them as compared to the verification of physical ID cards.

2. IoT for Patient Care and Safety

IoT has changed the patient’s lives very effectively. The modern devices gets connected through this technology by which it can easily monitor the patient’s condition. Wireless connecting devices like blood pressure, heart rate monitoring device, glucometer etc gives live updates about the patient’s condition directly to the doctor.

3. IoT for Hospitals

IoT technology in hospitals gives the tremendous benefit for the hospital administration to take care of Patients, Drugs management, Assets management etc. The wireless devices like wheelchairs, defibrillators, nebulizers, oxygen pumps connected through IoT technology gives real time condition about this devices. This technology also helped in drug supply chain management by which patients will get the right dose of medicine and also get this medicine at affordable cost.

4.  IoT for Physicians

By using IoT technology doctors can keep track the patients health more effectively. With the help of devices that connected through IoT to help physicians gives the best treatment to patients. IoT can increase doctors satisfaction by optimizing the correct surgical workflow. Patient monitoring system and real time data helps doctor to trace out the diseases at an early stage.

5. IoT for Health Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can track down the real time data from hospital about underwriting and insurance claims. IoT devices bring more transparency between customers and health insurance companies and eliminating the system errors, so that customers will get the insurance claim amount correctly. Internet of Things (IoT) brings out the complete transformation in the healthcare industry Innovations in the healthcare industry continuously gaining high speed day by day, the future looks very pleasant just keep an eye on these modern and innovative technologies.

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