Hair Transplantation in Women

Hair Transplantation

Many people, particularly women, are looking for a long-term solution to their hair loss problem. Cities such as Mumbai, Mysore, Pune, and Delhi are the most common. Bald patches, side loss, baseline loss, and other issues affect some women. The reasons for this will differ; females, on the other hand, have more causes for hair loss than males. The treatment differs depending on the cause. In any case, if hair loss exceeds a certain threshold, most therapies are unlikely to be effective. Then a hair transplant will be the most effective and long-term option.

Reniu Clinic is regarded as one of Mysore’s best hair transplant clinics, specializing in high-quality female hair transplants. They give treatment that assures everlasting results, thanks to Dr. Manas Jain’s experience and the utilization of cutting-edge equipment. In this article, Dr. Manas Jain describes female hair transplantation & hair transplant cost in Mysore.

Although hair transplantation is more usually performed on men, more and more women are choosing for the procedure. When we approach a woman for hair transplantation, there are a few key differences compared to when we approach a man. Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common cause of patterned hair loss in men, whereas diffuse hair loss is more common in women. We must always figure out what is causing their hair loss & one that is done, with the help of the semi-invasive process known as FUE, women can enjoy permanent hair growth and style it whatever they like.

Hair Loss in Women

Hair Transplantation

We must ensure that the hair loss is female pattern and not chronic telogen effluvium or diffuse alopecia areata, which can be mistaken for female pattern hair loss.

Women are usually given certain blood tests at Reniu clinic, such as assessing their thyroid profile, iron levels, and vitamin levels to see whether they have any underlying vitamin deficit.

Hair Transplantation in Women

When it comes to hair transplantation, men and women have completely different goals. One can radically transform a man’s appearance and give him a dense appearance. The major goal with females is to make the scalp less noticeable. To provide a significant improvement over the baseline, but not to be able to restore fully thick hair.

Men have a very good donor area that is intact in their occipital part, which explains the gender difference. Because there is a widespread pattern of hair in males, the quantity of grafts available is also reduced. We must make the best use of the grafts and place them in the areas that would produce the best esthetic result. Women have thinning hair on top of their heads and a widening of the area where they split their hair. In order to provide a good cover, we can plant the majority of the grafts in this region.

Women who are disturbed by the whiteness of their foreheads can decrease their hairline. Many women complain about temporal recession in the side area, which causes a see-through effect and gives them a bald appearance; we can also increase density in this area.

Before undergoing the operation, you should explore all of your style options with your treating surgeon in order to achieve the greatest results.

You can choose your hairstyle and the side on which you want to part your hair so that the surgeon can place additional grafts in that area for better coverage and density.

You must understand that when we have a hair transplant treatment, we must also consider the future. We can’t plant a big number of grafts in a limited space without depleting the graft supply for future use. We must be very careful in how we design the grafts and ensure that they are planted in the location that will have the greatest effect and the best cosmetic result. In contrast to men, who have a full hair trim, ladies will need a window trim for hair transplanting. As a result, it will not entirely transform your appearance.

Hair Transplantation

Post-Surgery Care

For the next seven days after the treatment, you will need to cover your head with a scarf or a cap. You’ll be given a regular saline spray to spritz every two hours for seven days after the surgery. A head wash would be performed on the seventh day following the surgery. After that, you can return to your regular styling. You will be able to see the results after roughly eight months to a year following the hair transplantation.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Mysore

NO. OF GRAFTSFUE RS. 20 – 25BIO-FUE RS. 25 – 30RAHT RS. 40 – 45DHT RS. 50 – 55

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