8 Reasons Why Students Fail In Mathematics

Students Fail In Mathematics

If a survey could be designed to understand the knack of students towards the subject being taught at school, Mathematics will perhaps be seen as the least favorite. In other words, most kids hate Mathematics. No matter how hard the parents try, sometimes it becomes next to impossible to make kids like Math. In fact, multiple kids fail in this given subject every year. So no matter how good a child is in other subjects, it is common for him/her to have a problem with Math. Mathematical anxiety is a thing now but without identifying possible reasons, it cannot be cured. Looking for a professional to take care of your writing? On EssayHub you can buy essay online without the need to worry about deadlines or quality.

The perennial fear of numbers, and subsequently the dislike for the subject amongst children has become a matter of great concern for parents. But to solve the problem once and for all, it is important to get to the roots of the issue. This can only be done by discovering the reasons that cause children to fail the subject.

Attitude Towards the Subject:

The success and failure for a given thing depends on the attitude that a person has about it. The same applies in case of Mathematics. If a student dislikes the subject, to begin with, then learning the same becomes difficult. This attitude plays a crucial role here. If a student thinks that he/she will not do well in the given subject, he/she will develop a phobia for it. Under such circumstance, a student loses his/her interest in the subject.

Teaching Method:

Math may not be very easy for all of the students to follow. Since it is very analytical in nature, the concept behind it must be made clear to the students. In that light, the methods used to teach the subject plays a very important role. It must be taught in a manner which is easy to comprehend. The selected style to teach the subject should make sense to the children even after the class is over. If the selected method is effective, the students will be able to use their analytical skills to solve tricky problems.

Lack of Connection Between Student and Subject:

This is one of the major reasons why so many students perform so poorly in the subject. The lack of connection between the subject and the students must be addressed if the latter aims to be successful. When there is no connection, students tend to get scared of the subject and they start avoiding it. This leads to lack of practice and finally results in failure.

Self Doubt:

Though peer pressure can be of merit in many cases, when it comes to Math, peer pressure can prove to be detrimental. It has been found that due to peer pressure many students fail to perform properly. In short, they are unable to bear up with the pressure put on them at school.

When this is coupled with constant comparison with other students, self-doubt arises. And once self-doubt sets in, the student’s ability to perform effectively in Maths gets shattered.

Low IQ:

Congenial environment, effective teaching skills, peer pressure may not always contribute to success in Math. IQ level plays an important role in determining the aptitude of a candidate in this subject. However, this segment is never clearly discussed since no parent wants to hear that his/her child has a low IQ.

Limited Attention Span:

Though most children have the attention span of a goldfish, some are highly inattentive. They cannot keep their focus on a subject throughout one class. They might be physically present for the lecture, but their minds roam about the places. When asked to solve a particular problem, such children fail and become the laughing stocks. In order to make the subject more interesting for such children, both parents and teachers should try different techniques.

Limited Idea About Signs and Symbols:

If a student is not very attentive in class, getting the signs confused is quite common. If a student fails to put the correct symbols after solving a problem, his/her marks are likely to get deducted.


Not many teachers can be effective in teaching. The problem arises when there are many students in a given class. Under such circumstance, online math tutoring can be a good option. This way students can get personalized help.

It is not possible for someone to be good at everything. But with a little help and a little practice, a lot can be achieved, and it is the same with Math! All the best.

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