Google Ads or Adsense

Google AdSense

A simple way to earn money by displaying targeted ads next to your web content is by Google Ads or Adsense. Using Adsense, you can show ads to your site visitors and also customize the lookand feel of ads by matching your website.

Why AdSense?

Web publishers around the world are already in success with Adsense because two millions publishers can not be wrong.

Access to advertisers: User’s access to huge advertiser pool without individual relationship.

Robust targeting: Advertisements can be targeted based on the content of your site or user interests.

Reporting tools: A graphical interface helps you understand how ads are performing.

High quality ads: Ads are reviewed by real people and super machines.
Flexible ad controls: Users have a good experience by choosing how ads will be displayed on your site around.

Mobile interface: Adsense optimized for mobile devices.

Google AdSense lets you earn revenue by displaying ads on wide range of online content i.e. Content, Search, Video, Mobile, Games.

How it works

There are three steps how Ads will be displayed on your website.
1. Make your ad spaces available on site: Make your website ad spaces available by keeping ad code on your website, and choose where you want to show your ads.
2. Highest paying ads will be on your site: Advertisers bid ads to show in your ad spaces in real-time auction. The top paying ads will be shown on your site.
3. Atlast You get paid: Adsense handle the process of billing from all advertisers/networks for the ads on your website, for making sure you receive your payments.

Do Not Click on Your Own Ads

You should not ever click on your advertisements that is very important thing to success with Google Adsense otherwise Google will ban your account. And with banned account you woill not be able to earn nothing. Once you get banned, it will be VERY tough to prove that you didn’t click on your ads.

A good space to put your Adsense code


HEADER 1 – Leaderboard Banner (Graphics or Contextual) 728×90
HEADER 2 – Banner (Graphics or Contextual) 468×60
POST 1 – Banner (Graphics or Contextual) 468×60
POST 2 – Rectangle (Contextual) 180×150 or Box 125×125
POST 3 – Banner (Graphics or Contextual) 468×60
FOOTER – Leaderboard Banner (Graphics or Contextual) 728×90
SIDEBAR – Skyscrapers (Contextual or Graphics) 160×600 or 190×600

Earn Money With Adsense

You can earn money with Google AdSense using below available advertising options:

  • Displaying Contextual Advertisements
  • AdSense for Search
  • AdSense for Feeds
  • AdSense for Mobile Content
  • Google Referrals

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