Top 10 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

make money on the Internet

We’ve collected a list of our Top 10 Ways to Make Money on the Internet, in no particular order which is completely legal, risk free, tax free technique.

List of ways to make money on the Internet:

1) Selling Handmade Goods

Previously, website like eBay used to sell stuff that you don’t need. But you can also use own web sites to sell your own creations. For e.g. web sites like and are dedicated to matching the creators who create things by hand with the customers and who appreciate and want to purchase their handmade indeeds.

2) Tutoring

Internet-based tutoring services are growing now a days and if you have the ability to teach online then you make an exception. When you apply for these type of jobs, you usually have to take certain tests in your selected subject areas and submit to background checks also. Though you could start your own online tutoring service in your own website and sites like have already work done for you in terms of marketing.

3) SEO Reviewing

Search engine optimization or SEO is a growing area for Internet-based employment. You can start yourself as a contract SEO reviewer working with any company. You can start each task by user’s intent based on the key-word combinations provided and by your own knowledge of popular culture in the user’s locale.

4) Customer Service

Most of the businesses support their products through a customer service department so at a Web site, customer service might include live chat sales and support. For an email customer service, the customer or user fills out a form at the Web site or sends and e-mail directly to a particular address.

5) Financial Services

Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll processing are included into financial services. And most of these services you can accomplish using specialized software.

6) Domain Name Flipping

Domain name flipping is one of the more effective ways to earn money online. For e.g. you can buy a website for a amount and after few years later redesign it you can make more profit by selling them.

7) Freelancing

If you have the knowledge of anything like data entry, designing, developing then you can make money easily with freelancing challenging work. Many websites like elance, freelancer, guru websites offers this facility.

8) Designing and Selling T-shirts

If you have good thinking and idea about designing then sites like and allow you to create your own store, create your own designs and sell them yourself for online.

9) Blogging

Once you have the ability to write an article then you can start blogging to make money online. After creating a personal blog, many bloggers sign up for ad services like Google AdSense, where post those familiar sponsored links you and often see at the top and on many sides of Web sites.

10) Selling Stuff on eBay

If you have things and you don’t necessarily need then others are willing to buy. And you can auction off the items or goods on eBay or other online auction websites. Then simply collect your goods, create a seller’s profile and start selling online.

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