Facts about The Hymen, Virginity And The Menstrual Cup

Hymen, Virginity And The Menstrual Cup

Despite the increasing number of women who are already using a menstrual cup there are still some of them who are having questions about it. One of those questions is losing your virginity by using a menstrual cup. While there are women who do not care about losing their virginity, there are also women who are religiously taking care of it.  Good news, you will not lose your virginity just because you are using a menstrual cup and let us discuss more of that.

Virgins Can Use Menstrual Cups

Yes, you can use a menstrual cup if you’re a virgin. In reality, as quickly as you get your period, you can begin using a menstrual cup. Even though there is no age limit; however, it requires you to be comfortable with your body and time. The vaginal muscles of virgins and young girls tend to be tighter, which can make insertion a little harder.

Therefore, at the start, you might want to practice. Do not force it if it feels awkward, but take a break, relax and attempt again later. The vagina’s entrance is tighter and lower in length than the remainder of the vagina, so gradually adjusting your body to accommodate the menstrual cup will facilitate insertion.

Your Vagina Will Not Stretch Out From Using A Menstrual Cup

No, a menstrual cup won’t extend the vagina. As the muscle can stretch and go straight back to its original form, the vagina is quite unusual like that–much like a rubber band. That implies something as tiny as a menstrual cup or tampon is not going to cause you to stretch.

There are a lot of different sizes you can use, start it by using a small size of the cup until you will get used of it. There are a lot of menstrual cup brands available in the market right now, like Daisy Cup, Diva Cup, Lunette, Lena, Blossom Cup, and more.

Benefits You Can Get Upon Using Menstrual Cup

Using a menstrual cup has many undeniable advantages. A menstrual cup can be worn for up to 12 hours, unlike tampons and pads. Last years, too, a menstrual cup, not just hours. Were you aware that in a lifetime a person passes through about 11,000 disposable pads and/or tampons?

Multiply that number on this planet by everyone who receives their period and that is equal to a considerable quantity of waste. Daisy Cup is made of 100% soft silicone of medical quality that doesn’t mess with your body.

The Myths About The Hymen

You may have grown up thinking, like many others, that the hymen is a seal that bursts or breaks when you first have sex. That’s a common misunderstanding, though. The hymen is not a’ seal’ inside the vagina, which is punctured when having sex, contrary to what many think. If that were the case, girls wouldn’t be able to menstruate before losing their virginity because the menstrual flow wouldn’t have an outlet.

In reality, the hymen is a thin piece of tissue that covers the vagina in whole or in part–some girls are entirely born without one. Through sports, riding a bicycle, self-exploration, doctor tests, or using a tampon or menstrual cup, the hymen is gradually worn away with time. In some nations, cultures, and religions, there is a lot of meaning placed on the state of the hymen, and it is directly related to someone’s virginity.

However, this is not an excellent way to prove or disprove virginity. Being a virgin is not described by medical norms in the state of your hymen; you remain a virgin until sexual penetration takes place.


It is not easy to switch your menstrual product. There are a lot of questions, and what if’s that will confuse you. However, studying more about it will help you understand the benefits you can get upon using it. You may also want to consider the opinions of women who are already using a menstrual cup and learn from their experiences.

Using a menstrual cup is more convenient in terms of saving time and money, unlike using your regular pads. It is also safe to your vagina since there are no harmful chemicals used to manufacture the cup. Using the cup, you can also help save the environment, and it is reusable; therefore, waste disposal will be reduced. Do not be scared to try other alternatives, particularly if your usual menstrual product will offer you more advantages.

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