How to maintain your weaves in summer


Summer is almost here, it’s certainly a challenge for those ladies who wear weaves in a hot and sweaty summer. Due to the humidity and the temperature, it’s harder than other times of the year to keep weaves fresh and natural. Here are some tips for you to avoid a sweaty, itchy, and smelly weaves experience.

Invest a good hair

First and foremost, investing in high-quality hair is what you should do if you want to rock this summer with weaves. You’re definitely asking for trouble and mess if you choose to buy cheap and trashy weave, especially in summer. Most of the cheap weaves tend to tangle and lose their style easily in summer. You should put your thoughts on finding good hair vendors for less trouble and more comfort. Straight hair tends to get greasy than curly hair due to the heat and humidity. So pretty curly hair and bright colored wig probably are on the top of your list, your weave can blend naturally with your natural hair due to the humidity and the beautiful curl screams the summertime.

Wash and condition your weaves

Washing your weave by using a sulfate-free shampoo and selected conditioner every one or two weeks should be a routine. And don’t forget to take care of your real hair and scalp by giving them a complete and deep washing and conditioning. It can wash the dirt and sweat out of your scalp and hair, and give your scalp and real hair to breathe for avoiding itch and oil. You need to cleanse the weave and your real hair more often, otherwise, your weaves won’t last long and your real hair will become more vulnerable. After the cleansing routine, you need to make sure your weaves and real hair are fully moisturized.

Protect your hair from sunlight

Avoid direct sunlight. It’s the same reason as you apply suncream and wear sunglasses when you go to the beach. Direct sunlight can do damage to weaves, and it increases the risk of hair breakage. So it’s important for you to take measures to protect your weaves due to their effect on the lifespan of weaves. Using a parasol is a wise choice, it can not only protect your hair, and minimize the influence of sunlight on your skin. And it’s recommended that you should use conditioner to moisturize your hair before going to the pool and beach and wash your hair after having fun. Chemicals such as chlorine and salt may cause your hair dryness and tangles.

Store your human hair weaves properly

If you want to keep your hairstyle lasting longer, you need to take seriously how you store the weaves when you sleep or not use the weaves. You probably toss them on the bed or sofa when you get the weaves out of your head. To keep them in shape and shiny, you better protect them by using a silk scarf before sleeping. Using a silky and smooth fabric can help the bundles ease the tangles and friction.

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