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Are you an entrepreneur who finally realized the importance of a mobile app and is contemplating over getting one for their business or probably a startup? Great, you are on the right path because mobile apps development has given rise to so many new utilities in the market, you would be gaining so many relevant opportunities that you otherwise have been missing for so long.But wait, are you relying completely on a mobile app development companies without even getting an idea of the current market of mobile apps and which features are the most trending ones that bring business? Great, we knew you weren’t.

Understanding your business app even before its creation is probably the most important thing an entrepreneur can do for their business. In fact, the standard procedure for you should be to decide what features and design components you need in your app, even before contacting a mobile app developer, so that you can explain your requirements to them in order to get a seamless mobile solution with optimum features. Enough from the talker, here is a list of must-have app and design elements you must keep in mind if you are planning to get an app for your business.

Social Media Integration

Social Media login is one of the most demanded features in the present day. Nobody wants to fill forms and go through that lengthy set of inquisitive field, which not only boring, but also consumes time. And according to general logic, someone who downloads your app would immediately want to start using it and not be entangled into doing something that is of no use to them. By conveniently placing a social media button you can save your customers a lot of time, and your business, a lot many loyal customers.
Apart from this, you can visit usechalkboard to get yourself a separate mobile number for work, which will make it a lot easier for you to manage your work related calls and conversations more efficiently.

Adopt the Intelligence

By instilling artificial intelligence at the core of your business app, you can open a number of opportunities in the present, and numerous opportunities in future, because artificial intelligence is not exactly a feature. It can provide a dedicated intellectual platform for your business app, so that it has an intelligent analytical approach towards whatever it does. Not only that, AI is like a foundation for apps at present, based on which many future technologies like IoT, Machine Learning and more will be created. At present, AI is being used by most of the app to provide personalized services for the customers and suggestions for prospective customers to deliver accurate and adequate suggestions for the customers, thereby, in a way, facilitating target marketing.

Feedback Front

A dedicated front built exclusively for receiving, replying, and addressing consumer grievances could be the most direct way to reach to your customers. Building a feedback window where you can converse with the customers either through care executives or a chatbot is very important now-a-days because customers are more than aware about the helpline systems most of the businesses provide, and in case yours is weak or not capable of providing adequate support, it wouldn’t be long before your app would be abandoned on the distribution store.

There are certain components that you need to include in your feedback window, which is basically a standard for feedback sections in mobile apps, such as quick dial button for helpline, request callback button, send mail, and review & rate button.

Payment Channels

Whether your app is a product or a source of information or a game or a utility, if you are using your app to represent your business, you can always include at least an appropriate number of payment channels on your app. That is because you could use your app a little, to sell something that your company makes or delivers, and in that case you could make a part of your app to be used as a premium or paid section. Of course it is important to provide your customers with a freemium in the very beginning to increase your mass reach, but in order to make sure you don’t develop a ‘freebie’ reputation, keep paid items ready on your app. So coming back to the importance of payment channels, it is important to keep a few popular payment channels ready on your app, so that maximum number of people can use them. If you are planning to launch your app on a global level, we would recommend to get your app powered by PayPal.

So here were some of the best and core features your business app must have, in order to rise up to the desired level and start leaving impact from the very beginning. However, the overall success of your app also depends on the quality of mobile app development company you hire to build it, how well you stick to digital marketing protocols and also how efficiently you are able to present your value proposition to the world.

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