Encrypted Chat: How to Choose The Best One?

Encrypted Chat

Recent political events and scandals in many countries, make ordinary users worry about privacy protection.

All large and small corporations cooperate with law enforcement agencies, obeying the laws of the countries in which they operate. Google, Apple, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and many other social networks and messengers share with the authorities a certain amount of user data. Someone opens access to all data, someone only to a selective circle of information. However, almost everyone does it.

Is it possible to use the messenger in 2019 and not be afraid that your correspondence will be in the public domain? Today, we will talk about reliable messengers that have the function of encrypted chat. It means that all your messages are protected!

Thebestencryptedchat: Topofthereliablemessengers!



Utopia – is a secure ecosystem that is built on peer-to-peer technology. It consists of the encrypted messenger, file-sharing, anonymous browser, e-wallet, mining bot.

The multilevel encryption highly protects all working processes that can perform the user. The ecosystem uses Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES that protect and save all data.

As for the instant messenger, the user can send and receive encrypted messages, create private chats and channels. He can send any pictures and videos, add stickers and emoticons.



Messenger where messages are deleted immediately after reading, the data is deleted from the device and servers.

The application protects from screenshots – the message is revealed gradually when you swipe the line with your finger, and the read words are hidden again. Messages can be sent not only within the application but also to the user’s email address, as well as sent directly to a group of recipients. Finally, the user can receive reports on the reading of their messages. However, there is no photo sending feature.

The developers say that Confide differs from Snapchat and other similar programs with “disappearing” messages, as users communicate through email addresses.



ChatSecure is a free and open-source application for communicating with users from Google Talk/Hangouts, Facebook Chat, Dukgo, Jabber, etc. All your correspondence will be fully protected: even logs can not be recorded and removed by third parties.

ChatSecure runs in the background for no more than 10 minutes and then shuts down. If you distract from the conversation for more than ten minutes, the interlocutor will see that the person has gone offline. The exchange of encrypted messages is possible only if the interlocutors are online.

The disadvantage of ChatSecure is that the application does not report incoming encrypted messages if the user’s status is offline.



The security system in the messenger works so that even if your password is hacked, scammers will not be able to read anything. When you log in from another device, the old correspondence instantly disappears from the old media. Also, all calls are encrypted.

The messenger provides users with a wide selection of funny and cool stickers and emoticons. Also, they can add to messages any files and documents.



In Chabber, the outgoing message after encryption is sent through a particular server. The text is opened only once during reading by the addressee. Each user is provided with a key that decrypts messages. Other apps – even the popular WhatsApp – don’t have this feature.

Besides, the messenger can automatically destroy information after a predetermined user period. However, if desired, you can save the message.

These variants can save your private chats from third-parties surveillance. Each of them can provide you with the updated degree of security and protection.

Try to use them and appreciate all the benefits of safe socializing on the Internet!

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