Why Should You Get a Bachelor in Communications?

Bachelor in Communications

Formal education in university is essential for many careers, especially if you plan to have a prosperous career or be promoted rapidly. A Communication degree is one of the best course to learn because you will learn how to communicate effectively and how to make good judgment calls when dealing with different types of people.

Benefits of bachelor in communications

A communication degree is a must-get course. It exposes lots of information on communicating effectively and relating with other people. Other benefits include;

It helps you hone crucial life skills

A communication degree teaches individuals the skills they need for their job, not just at work but also in life – this is extremely important. For example, there are skills that you will learn by studying for a communication degree, such as how to write, public speaking, and also networking – all of which are very useful for almost any career path you choose. It can be a great addition to a course that you have already pursued.

Exposes you to numerous job opportunities

If you study for a communication degree, then the amount of job opportunities available to you after university is exceptionally high. The skills you learn from a communication degree will help you in any industry or position you work in – whether for a business or as a public speaker. There are jobs available for those with this knowledge. If you want to further your career, widening your horizons then learning new information about how to communicate with other people will help you.

Entry requirements

If you want to pursue a bachelor in communication in Singapore, the university you choose may require you to fulfil specific requirements. It can be a wide range of requirements depending on the university but include;

  • Advanced diploma
  • Polytechnic diploma
  • Private diploma (universities tend to assess the private certification on a case-by-case basis)
  • ACCA

If you are an international student, the university may require you to meet its English language requirement. Ensure you look into what your university is looking for before filing your application.


Method of content delivery

Students are given lectures, subjected to tutorials, and engaged in workshops during the course. Depending on your schedule, you can choose to partake in the class full time or part-time. According to most top universities in Singapore, there should be 24 contact hours for each unit you do. You can also choose to engage in online classes right from the comfort of your home.

On the other hand, assessment is done by combining class participation, examinations, project, and assignments. For each unit, there are different requirements for one to pass in the unit.

Bottom Line

A communication degree is one of the best degrees to get if you aspire to work in a company and if you want to start up your own business. The knowledge that you gain from studying for a communication degree will help you hugely when running your own company. If you meet the entry requirements, get into a top university in Singapore to benefit from the course.

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