11 Easy Website Tricks to Bring Up Your Conversion Rate

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There are many different factors which come into play when it comes to your conversion rate, and arguably, the most important one is the design of your website. Today’s potential customers only spend a few moments deliberating whether they should give your content, product, or service a shot or not. In case they like it, they will stick around, and they will be more likely to do so if they find the design of your website appealing. Good design makes your business look more credible and trustworthy, which results in a higher conversion rate, among other things.

According to David Simon, who is the head of marketing for UK BestEssays, while stuff like SEO is necessary, it is totally useful without a good user experience:

“Google favors websites which provides a good user experience, and the foundation of good user experience is a great design.”

With that in mind, here are 11 easy-to-implement hacks which can improve your website in no time, and with it, your conversion rate. Keep on reading.

1. Provide Support via Live Chat

According to Neil Patel, live chat can improve your conversion by as much as 45%, or even more. Sure, you can tackle all of the user inquiries using email, but today’s customers are looking for a more immediate and personal experience, which is why they would much rather reach yours via live chat. It does require you to invest more or time in order to provide it, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment which covers its own expense because higher conversion rate results in higher income.

2. Minimize the Number of Clicks

Don’t make your leads and customers jump through hoops when visiting your website. Make sure they are able to obtain the stuff they need in just a few clicks. This means getting rid of all those pop-ups. Not only are they annoying, but they also increase the number of clicks on your website, which will inevitably turn some of your visitors off. If a user needs to register for your service or subscribe to your newsletter, make sure they can do so without having to fill out several different forms.

3. Offer Single Page Checkout

Another reason why your conversion rate might be hurting is that your checkout process is too complicated. The whole point of online shopping is its speed and convenience, and if you are making your customers go through several checkout pages, you are not doing yourself a favor. Putting your entire checkout process on one page will boost your conversion rate unlike anything else.

4. Use a Security Seal

By using a Security Seal, you are putting your potential customers at ease, since they will be sure that their purchases over $500 will be delivered to their doorstep. Also, it will be reassuring for them to know that they will be protected (up to $10,000) in case someone steals their identity while they are on your website.

5. Publish Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Adding genuine user testimonials to your website will motivate your visitors to convert and become your customers because they will have social proof that someone else has purchased your product and that it actually works as advertised. In fact, after reading an actual user review, people will be 58% more likely to convert.

6. Create Videos of Your Product

While images of your products help, it’s even better to feature them on video. These days, most smartphones can help you capture video of decent quality, and cameras aren’t too expensive either. But, instead of making those boring unboxing videos, capture those which demonstrate your product being used. You can even take it one step further and publish videos created by your customers using your product.

7. Avoid Stick Images

Stock images add no value to your product, which is why you should replace them with photos of actual people using your product in real life. Your business and your products will come off as more authentic and genuine, and once a potential customer sees that, they will decide to make a purchase, and therefore, boost your conversion rate.

8. Put Your Best Content Forward

Realistically speaking, you have less than 10 seconds or so to capture the attention of your visitor and get them interested in your content/and or product. Since they scan your website as opposed to actually reading it, it would make sense to put all of your best content front and center. If it manages to grab them, they will be hungry for more, and they will eventually decide on a purchase.

9. Take It Easy with the Colors

The design of your website should be elegant, minimalist, and sleek, without too many details. The same goes for your choice of colors. The color schemes you have chosen should contain only a couple of colors, which should remain consistent all throughout your website. Again, it will make your website, and your business, look more professional and trustworthy.

10. Offer a Discount

Another thing that works wonders for your conversion rate is a discount. Everybody loves a good deal, and your visitors are no different. Since you are selling your product online, you can afford to make it cheaper than those sold in brick-and-mortar stores, since there are fewer costs involved.

11. Require Minimal User Input

As already explained, you should never make your customers perform more steps than necessary when they are purchasing your product. But, the same also goes for their entire experience on your website. For instance, they shouldn’t have to scroll endlessly through entire posts in order to find the content that they need. Instead, provide them with a title and a short snippet for each article, which they can then click on. The same goes for lengthy forms and asking them to provide too much personal information.


Regardless of how great your product is, if your conversion rate is low, you will not make any money. If your website is to blame for poor conversion, start implementing these tips today and you will be able to see the difference pretty soon. Your business, as well as your customers, will thank you for it.

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