7 Fantastic Tips to Get More Readers for Your Blog

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The internet is a vast space. Here, you can find pages and pages of blogs, posts, articles, and publications on any kind of topic. Although it’s great that we have the knowledge of the entire world ready at our fingertips, numerous people are struggling to find their place and audience in the age of mass media technologies.

Namely, most internet users are visiting the same pages repeatedly, rarely trying to find something new and better, let alone explore what else is out there. Understandably, with 4.4 million blog posts published every day, it can be overwhelming to find something that might spark an interest.

For this reason, blog writers often face the harsh truth – no matter how much time, effort, and knowledge they put into their blog, it doesn’t seem to grow.

Getting more readers isn’t easy, and you’ve probably noticed that if you started a new blog recently. Although it can be frustrating, don’t worry – these seven tips are perfect for growing your audience and readership but are still easy to apply and understand if you’re a novice at blogging.

1. Optimize your content for SEO

Everyone’s talking about SEO, and it’s the hottest topic in blogging for a reason. Essentially, SEO dictates where your blog ranks, which immediately results in the total page visits. So, if your ranking isn’t great, you can’t expect to gain many new readers.

Basic SEO steps don’t have to be spectacular, and just a couple of tweaks will make a huge difference. So, depending on your content, you can effortlessly search for SEO for a particular niche. For example, if you’re writing about marijuana, try searching for marijuana SEO.

2. Balance quality and quantity

There are different people with different preferences. Some people prefer high-quality content released occasionally, while others prefer new, easy-to-read, simple content every day.

For that reason, finding the perfect balance is the key to growing your audience. So, commit to a certain style and publication schedule that seems to receive your readers’ response.

3. Focus on excellent headlines

Headlines play an overwhelmingly important role in the success of a blog post. As the first thing the readers see, headlines are responsible for whether the visitors will click on it to see more or not. Next time you’re writing a blog post, think about the title, attracting more attention.

Some efficient ways include increasing curiosity, motivating the blog visitors to read more, and creating numbered titles. Essentially, the headline needs to spark interest in the readers or indicate how it will achieve the desired result.

4. Research your niche

Writing about a specific niche will sooner or later drain all your ideas. You can’t go on writing about the same thing forever, so it’s helpful to research your niche and find something new to write about. The extended topic range will immediately result in a higher reader number.

If you explore and research your niche regularly, you’ll always be in touch with the latest news and trending topics related to your area. This will enable you to stay consistent, always provide your readers with the latest events and newest information, and remain relevant in the competitive internet industry.

5. Use the power of social media!

Never undervalue the power of social media platforms, even in this case! Using social media can help with your blog’s visibility, which immediately turns an average page into a more widespread, visited, and even trending one.

Do some research about different social media platforms and which ones are the most used ones by your target audience. You can then easily contact your readers and improve your engagement while still primarily focusing on your blog.

6. Include collaborations

Surely you’re not the only person writing blog posts. Thousands of other people are writing about a similar topic and struggling with similar issues. So, combining the forces can achieve great results for both parties.

You can always organize collaborations, guest blogging, and other strategies to keep your blog exciting and dynamic for your existing and new readers. These occasional small changes will refresh your entire feed and give it a new perspective.

7. Get to know your readers.

Taking time to get to know your audience will help you gain insight into what they’re looking for, their likes and dislikes, and many other small things which can significantly affect your overall blog success.

So, find the time to connect to your readers, ask them about their preferences, and incorporate them into your blog. This will let them know that you appreciate their opinion and care about your readership.


To conclude, there are numerous other ways to get more readers for your blog, but these seven are the best way to start. These tips will help get you more readers and improve the credibility and ranking of your blog. If you want to succeed in the competitive internet industry, make sure to follow these seven tips.

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