Dirty bingo calls that people still use in 2021

Dirty bingo calls

Aside from slots such as Slingo Reel King, bingo is a great way to relax with your friends, put your feet up and try your luck at hitting a jackpot. However, people often forget about one of the most important parts of bingo, and that’s the brilliant bingo calls.

Some of these are nostalgic, charming and intelligent, but let’s be real here – the ones we all remember are a little bit naughtier! Want to know our favorite dirty bingo calls that are still used in 2021? Read on to find out!

What are bingo calls and where did they come from?

If you don’t know what bingo calls are, where on earth have you been!? These catchy phrases are used as nicknames for numbers and often rhyme, reference pop culture or history, or generally entertain the player in one way or another. Some classic family friendly examples include:

  • Number 3, cup of tea
  • Number 22, two little ducks
  • Number 57, Heinz varieties

This may surprise you, but the origins of bingo calls are found in the era of World War One! Servicemen that were working under very tough conditions would often play a game called ‘Housey Housey’, an early ancestor of bingo. They began inventing amusing nicknames for numbers to keep everyone in high spirits, and the names stuck! Wholesome – but we know you’re not here for that! https://casino-ohne-lizenz.net/reviews/need-for-spin-casino/ is a newcomer to Canadian players offering a wide range of software providers.

Dirty Bingo Calls

You can probably imagine that all these servicemen must have got up to mischief, and you’d be right. We know you’re not here for family friendly bingo calls – let’s check out the dirty ones that people still use in 2021. There really are too many to choose from, but some of our favorites are listed in the table below – can you work out the meanings before checking them??

Bingo CallMeaning
Number 88, ‘two fat ladies’The shape of ‘88’ is intended to depict two ladies that have eaten one too many pies!
Numbers 1 and 2, ‘pee and poo’Bit immature, but who doesn’t love a bit of toilet humor
Number 69, ‘either way up’We’re not going to get into the meaning of this one, but if you know – you know!

All these dirty bingo calls are timeless – they were invented many years ago when the game was first developing, and they’re still being used in 2021. We think the reason for this is simple – humans have always had their mind in the gutter, and that’s never going to change! Love it.

Dirty Minded Bingo

Overall, dirty bingo calls will always be around – if you don’t laugh at a naughty joke, are you even human?! We particularly love how the ones we listed have stuck around for so long, and we can’t wait to see what the next generation of bingo players have up their sleeve! Keep this list in mind, and don’t forget to give us some credit when you have the bingo hall in stitches!

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