Difference Between Walls Tiles & Wall Paint

Walls Tiles & Wall Paint

Currently, the use of wall tiles as a substitute for wall paint to beautify and improve buildings’ quality has become quite popular. However, many families still wonder if their walls should be painted or tiled. Because many people think that the use of coatings will make the rooms cool in winter, however, both brick and paint methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Knowing this will make homeowners make the most accurate decision.


Wall painting is a method that many people use because they are rich, diverse, and combined with many colours. The combination of these colours helps your home increase uniqueness, novelty and perfection.

Wall painting gives our home a warm, happy and cozy feeling. Also, the cost of painting the house is relatively cheap compared to tile. And the wall painting will be done quickly and easily no matter the time. Only moderate human resources are needed to complete the job.

Easy to change and repair in one time of use. When the house walls are stained, dirty and not as expected by the owner, it can be easily fixed or repainted with a completely new paint colour. Also, using a wall drill and installing the equipment on the wall is relatively easy.


However, the method of painting the wall also has undesirable drawbacks. It is the wall that will get dirty quickly. Therefore, the aesthetics are not equal to that of polished glazed porcelain tiles. After a while, the main change is that the walls of the house are stained, dull, flaky and attacked by mould and grime.

Especially in the rainy season, the painted walls are also not resistant to water, causing water spills and water leaks.

Advantages and disadvantages of the brick tile method


Wall tiles have a significant advantage: protecting the wall from mould, odour, and stains and ensuring the aesthetics of our home in the long term.

The wall covering also saves you time for daily cleaning. Today’s walls also have many beautiful patterns and details.

Many customers believe that wall covering makes the house cold, not cozy. However, this depends on the colour we choose. Instead of white, choose orange, wood colour, pattern colour. It looks fascinating and feels much more impressive.


The downside of wallcovering is that it is quite expensive compared to painting the house. And it will take longer to build than to paint the house. Another drawback is that we won’t change the colour easily. That wall covering will be challenging to disassemble.

Should the brick or painted wall be reasonable?

Today, Glazed vitrified tiles for residential designs have become prevalent to increase quality and lasting beauty. Therefore, the wall of the house must be painted or tiled is the concern of many people. Because many customers think that the use of tiles will create a feeling of cold in the winter, but wall paint is not much.

For functional areas

For interior spaces such as the living room, kitchen, and bedroom, they are habitable spaces that promote a welcoming beauty, creating a closeness feeling. Specifically, the living room and the bedroom are the two areas that most headaches when deciding whether to cover tiles or paint. Because many people believe that using tiles will make the room cool and look like “a toilet.”

Thus, buildings so far like to use wall paintings with warm colours such as yellow and pink to enhance this interior area’s warm beauty. However, due to the advantages and disadvantages discussed above, wall painting is not a perfect option for long-term home use.

For external and auxiliary works

Most families already know whether to paint or clad the wall for these positions with additional and exterior space. These two spaces are characterized by frequent adverse effects such as ultraviolet rays, sun and rain, high humidity, chemical detergents.

In various patterns and colours, wall tiles will bring a unique beauty to the home and express the home’s aesthetic taste. Therefore, for these areas, painting the wall is not the right solution at all. To ensure the building’s quality that can be used for a long time, with high aesthetics, choosing to cladding is the ideal solution.

So, looking for answers to the question, “Should the wall be painted or covered?” There is absolutely no definitive answer. Because both of the above methods have different advantages and disadvantages, depending on each family’s preferences and economic conditions, each of us will have the most suitable options for our home.

Also, choosing the mosaic or painting method brings its impression and is suitable for every space. On this basis, families make the most appropriate and precise decision.

How to choose the wall tiles when you don’t want to paint the house?

To avoid giving a feeling of cold to the spaces. It is necessary to choose suitable brick patterns according to certain principles.

Indoor area

There should be a choice of brick models with warm colours and small motifs for the interior space. To create a warm feeling in the room The types of bricks imitation wooden tiles, imitation stone with neutral colours such as gray, cream, white, brown or warm tones such as pink, orange will be the most indicated. Also, it would be best if you chose bricks with a dry enamel surface. Glossy ceramic tiles often create a cold feeling. It should be avoided for this space.

Outdoor area

In outdoor wall locations, you should choose high-quality bricks to ensure good resistance to external influences. Also, homeowners should choose bricks with simple designs with an elegant beauty to harmonize with the available space.

Secondary job

Homeowners can unleash their creativity with brick patterns for secondary buildings. The wall cladding method for auxiliary structures has been around for a long time. Therefore, it is not too difficult to choose a brick pattern for this area. You can freely choose a tile pattern with colours and designs according to your personal preferences. In terms of materials, it is convenient to use a line of high-quality products. To prevent the tiles from fading, peel before the impact of cleaning chemicals.

Above are our tips on the topic of house walls to be painted or tiled for families. Along with that is how to choose the most suitable product for each different functional area. Hopefully, you can easily select the right method to bring a unique and impressive design to your living space through this exchange.

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