Detailed guide on Product Registration in Dubai, UAE


Product registration means the registration of the product and its data in the municipality of Dubai. The Dubai Legislative Chamber, United Arab Emirates, is required to manage and regulate the import and export of products, including the manufacture and supply. All products must be inspected and tested by the authorities before they place on the domestic market in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Product registration is vital in the UAE to prevent dangerous and harmful products from being sent to the community. Thus, it is essential to ensure the quality of each product along with consumer safety.

The freelance license in Dubai

It is a new federal portal launched in Dubai by joining the food import and re-export system in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As soon as products register on the ZAD portal, they are allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates and be sold in any emirate in the UAE without further approval from the federal authorities. Introduce it to ensure product quality and hygienic reasons such as halal products, good packaging, etc. No product can be traded, imported, sold, or produced without being registered with the federal authorities on the Dubai municipal portal. Writing a product with all the necessary details gives you easy and convenient access to the entire GCC market.

What is Product Registration?

Registering a product in Dubai Municipality is known as product registration. Dubai legislature has complete control over the production, transaction, import/export of products. It is essential as it ensures that all items are listed (ticked) before launching in Dubai.

Why is Product Registration in Dubai essential?

It is essential to understand why product registration in dubai is important. The main reason is to limit the trade of counterfeit and dangerous products on the domestic market, thereby ensuring customer safety. Hence, all products get register with the Dubai City Council. Only after being approved can the company sell it. No product can be produced, imported, traded, advertised, transported, or sold in Dubai unless specified under Dubai City’s control. Registering your product in Dubai gives you easy access to the entire GCC market.

Advantages of Product Registration

  • It is essential for protecting your brand
  • It is crucial to label protection
  • You have import and export rights
  • You can do trade hassle-free in UAE
  • You are eligible to launch your product in the entire UAE
  • You have opportunities to register your product in Dubai mainland and other free zones
  • Significantly less to no tax on manufacturing of products
  • You are free to launch your product in the entire GCC area without any registration.

Categories For Product Registration

The most important categories for product registration in Dubai are- 

  • Herbal products
  • Health supplements
  • Food products
  • Electronic goods
  • Sports equipment and several others
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical products

Products for Which You don’t Get Permission is 

  • E-Cigs
  • Gambling Tools
  • Swine
  • Narcotic Drugs
  • Ivory
  • Nylon Nets
  • Betel Leaves
  • Israel Goods
  • Food colors, chemicals, and food additives

How To Register Product in Dubai?

Dubai is the most luxurious emirate in the United Arab Emirates. It is also considered one of the top-rated business centers in the world. It has the best shopping malls with excellent shopping services, which include modern seaports and airports. Registering a new business, company, or product in the UAE is an easy, reliable and safe task.

As previously mentioned, you must register any product before importing, exporting, selling, or manufacturing it. Do registration in Dubai’s municipality via the new ZAD portal introduced by the federal agency. Product registration is mandatory for all dealers and their companies. The product registration and registration process make it easy for the authorities to ensure that the product’s quality and packaging, and production are excellent. They also ensure that the product is safe to import and export.

What is The Label Requirement For Product Registration?

Requirements for product labels are required. It is essential to include the product on the food packaging. Titles must be in Arabic. However, it is allowed in English. The contents of the multiple languages ​​on the product label must be similar. Food labeling requirements include country of origin, date of manufacture and expiration date, instructions for use, etc.

Some other requirements-

  • The Product Name
  • The Expiration Date
  • Storage Conditions of Product
  • Any nutritional benefits in the product
  • Name of manufacturer or distributor of the product
  • Country of origin of the product
  • Food ingredients
  • The brand name of the product
  • The barcode of the product
  • The lot number of the product, etc


Product registration is not a very hard process, but you need to be aware of all the norms and procedures. If you find it very difficult to register the UAE product, you can help a business set up a consultant in the UAE. The experts will help you with the hassle-free business setup process. 

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