7 Creative Ideas for Halloween Party Decorations

halloween party decorations

Spooky season is upon us! That means it’s time to decorate the house with creepy crawlers and scary monsters. Luckily it’s never been easier to transform your home into something from your most frightening nightmare.

Whether you’re preparing for a family gathering or a virtual affair, your decor can be the talk of the party. Frighten your friends, spook your kids, and terrify your family with these 7 creative Halloween party decorations.

1. Raven’s Nest Wreath

Start your Halloween party off creepy right from the beginning. Welcome your guests into your haunting manor with a creepy raven’s nest wreathe. Get the eerie feeling across as soon as people arrive.

An all-black grapevine wreath will be the perfect home for a creepy conspiracy of ravens. If you can’t find a black grapevine wreathe, you can always spray paint a store-bought wreathe. Use cutouts of a raven or a stuffed raven to accent your wreath.

Hang your wreath on your front door to make a subtle but solemn Halloween statement. Your guests will be put in the creepy party mood right from arrival.

2. Spooky Hanging Lanterns

Hanging paper lanterns are a fun way to add an eerie touch to your party. Draw your guests’ eyes up with lanterns hanging from the ceiling. This is an easy DIY for Halloween party decor that anyone can do.

Start with some simple paper lanterns, black gauze or fake spider webs, and clip art of some creepy bugs. Use the clip art to create outlines of spiders, roaches, moths, and other bugs and attach them to the outside of the lanterns.

Use the fake web or black gauze and drape over the top of the lanterns, dripping menacingly. Use battery operated string lights to illuminate the inside of the lanterns—display by hanging from the ceiling and dim the lights for the full effect.

3. Cobwebs on Chairs

Give your guest a place to sit but keep the Halloween theme by using fake cobwebs on the chairs. This is a great option, especially for any gathering you’re going to have outside. Use this buyer’s guide to find the right seating for your party.

Create the Halloween feel by using fake spiderwebs as decor. Drape the fake spiderwebs on the backs of the chairs and around the legs. You can even use glow in the dark spider webs for a little extra creepiness in the darkness outside.

Add plastic spiders to give the full creepy effect. It might look so real that your guests are afraid to sit down.

4. Cauldron Drink Bar

Prepare a witches brew to serve your party drinks. Whether you’re serving punch or adult drinks, a bubbling cauldron is an ideal place to serve it. This decor is so convincing; your guests might be afraid of turning into a frog.

Use a black cauldron or a large pot to serve the drinks. Place the pot inside a grapevine wreath and dress the sides with red and orange paper to look like flames. Add dry ice to give the feeling of a bubbling witches brew. Everyone knows that no Halloween party is complete without delicious treats, so if you want to throw together some last-minute Halloween snacks that take less than an hour to make, you can take a look at these spooky ideas.

Don’t forget to decorate the table with black inexpensive table runners, bottles and a spellbook to complete the enchanting look. A frog hanging around the table might make your guests a little suspicious.

5. Decrepit Plans

What says spooky manor more than some blackened plants? Think about all those movies where the main character rides up to the creepy home on a dark, stormy night. All those dying plants with black leaves are the first signal that’s something’s wrong.

Give your guests the same feel by using blackened plants to signal there’s something creepy inside. This DIY is super simple. Spray paint faux plants black, and you have an instant creepy feel.

You can display these plants around your home or outside on the porch. Add a stuffed crow and some faux animal skulls to finish off the eerie decor.

6. Creepy Candlesticks

Continue the creepy manor-style decor with some creepy candlesticks. These are such easy decorations that pack a big punch. And with a little DIY, you can make them look custom.

There are two easy DIYs that you can try.

Start with black, orange, green, or purple candles. Use old wine bottles spray painted in one of the previously mentioned colors. Stick the candles in the mouth of the bottle, light the candles, and let the wax drip.

It’ll give that old haunted castle vibes. Or you can soak the candles in some hot water and let the wax get malleable. Take the candles out of the water, flatten a section in the middle, and gently bend and twist the candles.

7. Batty Garland

Make it look like bats are flying throughout your home with this easy DIY. This is a great project that the kids can get involved with. Bats are a classic for the spooky season, so this Haloween party decor is a must.

Use a stencil to trace the shape of bats onto black construction paper. You can also use excess cardboard spray painted black for something more durable. Cut the bat shapes out and string them together to make a garland.

You can hang these from the ceilings or on the walls. A batty garland looks great draped over the windows or wrapped around the banister of your staircase.

Creative Halloween Party Decorations

Whether you’re a haunted house aficionado or a pumpkin fantastic, there are Halloween party decorations for you. You may have a small gathering of friends and family or a virtual affair. However you host your party, your guests will are sure to be spooked.

These easy Halloween party ideas are a great way to get into the spooky spirit. These DIYs are inexpensive and easy for everyone, no matter your crafty skill level. It’s time to be crowned the official winner of the best Halloween decorations.

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