Comparing Smart Assistants: Google vs Alexa vs Siri [Infographics]

Google vs Alexa vs Siri

A smart assistant is a very recent fad that has come in the industry. It is like a virtual robot that resides inside your smartphone. It can do a lot of things for you. Users may be able to do things such as giving commands of ordering something or simply asking a query. A smart assistant is meant to make things efficient for the users. It can do all sorts of stuff. One of the best things that it has done is the ease of listening to our voice as commands instead of text. It just hears you and processes to give relevant results.

Comparing Smart Assistants

At present, there are three major players in the market which are doing their best to make the most relevant smart assistant. The smart assistants are alerted by a cue command which is usually very simple. To alert a smart assistant, just say the words like Hey alexa to alert Alexa, Ok Google to alert Google assistant and Hey Siri to alert Siri. When it comes to working of a smart assistant. They all work on the same principle, the only difference that comes is in the protocols. The best part is that they are made on the base of artificial intelligence which means the assistant will keep getting better with time.

The working of a smart assistant is complex but very interesting. Users may never notice the working but you may have noticed a slight lag when your internet connection is slow. It is because a majority of the process of a smart assistant works on the basis of the kind of speed you have at your internet connection. The process starts when the user utters a command, It is then broken down into small pieces. Once done, the information reaches the server where an algorithm then analyzes it to understand a pattern, a response is framed and sent to the user’s phone.

Infographic by Techiespad:

Google vs Alexa vs Siri

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