Coding Shortage as a Strategy for the Upcoming Entrepreneurs

coding shortage

Coding is critical we know that. The wave of apps has flooded every business and every industry. Every business incubator or even the small business owner wants a mobile app on the go. Apps are becoming like drugs and users are becoming a drug addict. You know the how the more drug we take, the more we crave to get it. Well, the business and users are trapped in the same loop of addiction and need of mobile apps. Well, with increasing need, there is a huge hype in the robust mobile apps to be deployed on demand. With complex coding and development needs, it takes time to develop and deploy an app. Patience is something that is always short of and excessive time in coding is not something that can be complied with by the users and entrepreneurs.

This has led the innovations in the Android and iPhone app development fields like cross-platform apps and react native apps. This has also evolved the use of RMAD (Rapid mobile application development) tools, low code or no code app development tools. There are two core reasons behind hunting for the tactics of code reduction. The first one is the prompt deployment of the app and the other one is the shortage of skilled developers. Looking forward to the trend and the growth of the app development sector, the mobile traffic growth and revenue both are on the rise. If you are an entrepreneur, you better have an app strategy ready. So, what is the perfect app strategy to follow?

The major issue lies with the app development is inadequate resources which should be housed permanently. Besides this factor, even when a company has a proper team of developers, they would be lacking proper tools and techniques for rapid development and delivery. Without adequate resources, the time from development to deployment takes too long. Prolonged time means increased cost, slow result, and ultimately low profit. The process of development need not be so much complex, the problems can be resolved in an agile manner before it reaches the higher level.

Let’s explore some of the strategies that can assist in overcoming the coding struggles and grow the business to be ranked at the top in the list of entrepreneurs.

1) Cut on the coding

The developers these days are not full stake ones. They have the basic knowledge of coding and can make the app run with the basic features. Not all the businesses are huge and can invest a fortune in the app development. For such business, hiring such developers and not missing out on the competition is the way out. People these days works perfectly blunderous and these can’t work while developing enterprise apps. Cutting on the extreme coding would ease up the app development and speed up the app deployment.

2) Post app launch aid

Don’t fall for this pitfall: Mobile app development is not restricted to the design, development, testing, and deployment. Even when it is a low code app development, the app lifecycle continues post-deployment as well. Even when you don’t have strong coders and get your app developed with low code needs, it still needs strong marketing tactics and maintenance. Search engine optimization, app store optimization and digital marketing are some of the post-app launch strategies to be taken care of.

3) Install analytics

Your app is out in the play store and hitting the right amount of download. So, you must be in the seventh heaven and celebrating your app success. Don’t, I repeat don’t celebrate, it’s time to analyze and not to celebrate. The increasing base of the user can diminish at any point of time if nuances are not added, feedbacks are not paid heed to, and issues are not resolved. Install analytics and keep a track on how many numbers of users are using the app, what is the app usage time, what is the age group of the users and what is the app abandon rate.

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