7 Best Online Teaching Apps

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Online teaching apps and online teaching have made its way to the daily vocabulary of people. What are online teaching apps? While it is difficult to coin a neat definition for online teaching apps for teachers, we can define online teaching apps as “any program, app, or technology that can be accessed via an internet connection and enhance a teacher’s ability to present information and a student’s ability to access that information.”Apps that facilitate teaching and learning, that simplifies the learning and teaching process etc, qualify as mobile apps for teachers.” Online teaching apps have brought ease and effectiveness to the table. Teachers are able to reach a large number of students irrespective of where they are from. Accessibility to educational content has skyrocketed and online teaching apps make it possible for people from all walks of life to access quality education.

Today, we will be looking at 7 online teaching apps that have made life easier for teachers and students. Having said that, no matter how much technology has developed, it has to be used sensibly and responsibly to make the best out of it. Without further ado, let us take a look at the top online teaching apps:

1. Teachmint

Teachmint is one of the most helpful platforms for teachers who want to start online teaching. It is a one-stop solution for teachers with brilliant features such as live class recording, online whiteboard, automatic attendance, and more. The features that it provides are absolutely unique and edgy in comparison with the other similar platforms in the market. It is the best app for online teaching.

Teachmint stands out from the rest of the crowd in all the right ways. It is available in 11 Indian languages and is a top-notch platform for teachers and tutors across the country.

2. TeacherKit

Teachers have a lot of concerns when they take to online teaching. The struggles are predominantly because of the changes that are attached to the shift. TeacherKit is a one-of-a-kind educational app that helps teachers to digitize their routine tasks such as attendance, recording the grades, and likewise. It helps to add behavior notes for students and keep track of their improvement so that teachers can focus on important aspects such as teaching. In fact, these Apps are designed to be ADA site compliance, so that any student, irrespective of his/her physical or vision-related disability can access and use them with ease, just like any other normal student does. A specialist like “Accessibility Spark” can help install and integrate such mandatory algorithms into your website or system, for making online teaching easy.

3. Educreations

Educreations is yet another online teaching app. It is a take on a whiteboard mobile application. With the features that this app provides, teachers can create tutorials, animations, and likewise to make their classes more interesting. Another aspect of this app is that it lets you store the videos online as well and allows teachers to share them on social media. It also helps to edit videos using an inbuilt video editor.

4. Schoology

Schoology is yet another online teaching app for teachers. It helps in classroom management as well.  It works as an effective platform by helping teachers and students to post assignments, projects, videos, study materials, links, etc. It helps to boost engagement and attention in the classroom. It also helps in classroom management

5. Socrative

Socrative is an online teaching app that helps teachers with learning assessment. It has easy to use classroom tools, content sharing, engaging assessments, surveys, polls, etc, this application for teachers helps to make classes interesting and also helps to measure the engagement of students.

6. Chegg Tutors

Chegg is not an online teaching app, it is an online teaching site for teachers and tutors. There are set standards and criteria that the teachers should meet. They send students to the tutors and the teachers can teach at a convenient time. The site pays teachers on an hourly basis. For online teaching jobs from home, online teaching sites are a boon. 

7. TutorMe

It is a well known and recognized online teaching site. More than 300 subjects are taught through Tutor me. Some of the subjects are – engineering, history, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Ratings are taken from students and based on the rating, teachers are paid.


Online teaching has become a career option for a lot of people now. Teachers and students tune to online methods of education and it is a convenient way to learn and teach. With technology reaching new heights every day, a lot of things have become possible.Access to quality education at the comfort of your own home is one among them.

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