Central Vs State Govt Jobs – Which One is Better?

In this writing, I am going to present my ideas on the points of difference between the central and state government jobs in our country. Here, I will tell you which one is better and what facilities you will get. It is undoubtedly true that the young generation is more inclined towards government jobs and such jobs whether state or centrally governed are always in demand. Before discussing state or central govt jobs let me clear to you that jobs in govt sector provide financial security and fascinating benefits in comparison to private jobs. Central and State Government Jobs have their own list of pros and cons but it is a fact that Central Government Jobs are considered a bit more superior in comparison to state government jobs. So, let’s start with the difference between the central government jobs and the state government jobs.

#Work Culture and Work-Life balance

Central government jobs have more work pressure in comparison to state government jobs. In central government departments, you are answerable to multiple seniors from office seniors to regional seniors. While in state govt jobs you have to follow state administration guidelines. If we talk about work-life balance, then I must say it all depends on the people.

#Salary Package and Allowances

Central Government offers a better salary, allowances, and perks than the state government. The housing allowance that is given to central government employees is about 30% or more, and for state government employees is only 15%. You can enjoy a number of benefits in central govt jobs.

#Transferable Job

Both jobs in central and state govt departments are transferable. In the state government, the transfers are within the state only whereas in the central government jobs you are liable to be worked anywhere in India as transfers can be out of the state.

#Career Growth & Promotion

As in central government jobs, you are more accountable and you are answerable to multiple seniors then there are more chances of exposure and promotion in comparison to the state government departmental jobs. Promotion in the state government mostly depends upon the political approach even after seniority and merits.

#Tourist Allowance

As mentioned earlier, central government jobs offer more allowances and perk benefits. There is a limited provision for tourist allowance for the state government employees, while the amount of this provision is fixed over a year to the central government employees.

In nutshell, I must say that both types of jobs have their own pros and cons. It is highly recommended to check these points and then only carefully choose the one for you. I am pretty sure the above-mentioned points are helpful for you.

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